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Green Bay Bishop to Catholics: Vote Pro-Life, Or Your Soul is in Jeopardy

Ruth228 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 11:33 AM
Your comment is not an equal statement. Supporting a candidate that has had a divorce or uses birth control pills is not equal in supporting a candidate that WILL VOTE on abortion issues in congress or pass abortion related laws. Their divorce affects themselves, their spouse and their 3 children (if they have them). The 9 members of the supreme court and the 100 senators, 435 house members, have the power to impact how much money in the largest budget in the world is spent towards policies that support abortion, etc. Because someone has had a divorce, does not mean they will try to pass laws that "support divorce" or to "destroy families". However, a person who supports abortion will attempt to pass laws that offer abortion funding.

In a rather blunt and significant letter to parishoners, the Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin urged Catholics to vote for candidates in line with Catholic doctrine on life and family issues. While Bishop David Ricken didn't name names, his letter clearly indicated a party preference merely on the basis of the positions he urged Catholics to support. What's more, he noted that the consequences of voting the other way are dire:

Ricken’s letter, dated Oct. 24, notes that the church has a responsibility to “speak out regarding moral issues, especially on those issues that...

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