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Defending the First Freedom

Ruth228 Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 12:39 PM
Really? You don't think any homosexuals will want to be married in a church or synogogue? Lawsuits are happening everywhere. They were already occuring in instances where people wanted civil union ceremony's in churches or on church owned property, such as the Methodist Church owned property in Ocean City NJ which lost it's tax exempt status for not allowing their facility to be "open to all persons".

In my earlier post this morning, I somehow failed to mention the most important inconsistency of all in the position of conservatives who support a judicial redefinition of marriage: How, exactly, do they intend to protect the conscience rights of those who -- for religious reasons -- do not believe in a new definition of marriage?  Or do their First Amendment rights simply dissolve by judicial fiat?  After all, if gay marriage becomes a constitutionally protected right, how can the conscience rights of true religious objectors be accommodated?

Eric Erickson lays out the argument elegantly here