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Cavuto: This Whole Confiscation of Funds Has Already Happened in America

Ruth228 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 4:26 PM
Cooper, while I agree that while the majority of Americans will not be affected by it, it is none the less, a confiscation of wealth. As Americans, we should be concerned about how policies affect all citizens. Taxing the rich is not a solution to our government. They have an insatiable appetite for wealth. They will keep going, until eventually the "rich" is the guy making $60,000. We should not be a people who is jealous of our neighbor's success, and wants the fruit of their labor taken away. I am only on this earth for a finite amount of time. All of my work from Jan. 1 - April 30 is spent paying taxes to our govt. If I could take just one month of that, and put it in my own savings/investments, then I could add 2-5 years

Yesterday we learned Cyprus has closed its banks as it prepares to take 10 percent out of private bank accounts to bail itself out of bad economic decisions. Fox News host and business expert Neil Cavuto is warning this isn't simply a concept in some small, far away country, but something that has already happened in America through ObamaCare's 3.8 percent tax on home sales. And yes, it can get worse.

"Taxing you not on what you make but what you have."

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