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Islamic Terror in the UK

ruth19 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 11:42 AM
What does it take to understand that Islam and koran need outlawed in non muslim lands.. Islam is not a religion unless you consider worshiping a killing, raping, lying entity whose version of what is good and what is evil is satan's version.... as the God of Abraham.. The lunartics plan to rule the entire world, force all to bow to the allah beast and kill all non muslims..Islam is much worse than Hitler's regime... Speaking of Hitler...It was muslims who invented and carried out the FINAL SOLUTION against the Jews..... THE ENTIRE MUSLIM POPULATION HAS TO BE INSANE TO SEE ALL THE EVIL THAT IS DONE IN ISLAM AND TO CONTINUE THINK IT IS A RELIGION OF GOD..
All one has to do is look at Brand and Hannity to see who the idiot is......Hannity is clean shaven has beautiful masculine short hair ,wear clean clothes.. etc.. Brand looks like a drug addict bum..
Obama is the one who created this persecution and murder of Christians..His Arab spring and ISIS are all part of the caliphate...The caliphate is the taking over of the entire world and force all to bow to the allah beast or death.. Obama is mahdi to Islam and Antichrist to Christians.. WAKE UP WORLD...
Islam is a lie and a death cult that has been forced on humanity since its inception...It needs outlawed, the Koran banned and mosques closed... Any muslim that objects needs to return to the muslim lands that were stolen since the beginning of the death reign of Islam.. I despise Islam.. It is a counterfeit and a fraud.. Even the name which was originally pronounced IS LAMB is a play on words to make one think these insane serial killers are lambs of God.. This fraud is synagogue of satan of Revelation 3-9, 10 that tempts then entire world...The muslims are those who say they are jews meaning chosen... This is why they want to kill all jews... Their disappearance would than make the descendants of Ishmael look like the chosen blood line of Abraham.. He was not. .He was in fact cast out and is still cast out from the real God...
As for Hitler, he looks like a choir boy compared to the serial killers of Islam...Islam is responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of innocents.. including some of their own families... They love death.. So does Satan...
I think the entire world should take up arms against the muslim terrorists.. They should outlaw the Koran lie and close all mosques... The Jews are fighting for survival...Isn't it time for Christians to do likewise.. Muslims want to be martyred...Let's help them..
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God and Caesar (Again)

ruth19 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 9:14 PM
The pharisees were trying to entrap Jesus when they asked about the tribute money....So Jesus turned the tables on them and they slithered away... Jesus said "whose image and SUPERSCRIPTION in on the coin,"... The image was of course Casar and the SUPERSCRIPTION said "Caesar is God"..."... The pharisees knew man was not obliged to pay money to false Gods so they slithered off...Research ancient roman coins and see the image of Caesar and the superscription that says, "Caesar is god"...HMMMMM, I wonder does this apply to obama and taxes today???..
Maybe Obama will say the mohammed movie caused it....Personally I think it is time to arrest Obama and Holder as accomplices to murder...
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After the Massacre: The Blame Game

ruth19 Wrote: Sep 27, 2013 12:01 PM
Chicago is an example of gun control....Criminals, thugs, and killers control the guns...They public are sitting ducks....
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Muslims Need to Confront Muslim Evil

ruth19 Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 3:01 PM
.Muslims are never going to stop or even disagree with the terrorist faction of Islam...They all believe the Koran and that they will rule the world... They think the entire world will become muslin and it will if they are not stopped.. They will kill all non Muslims..It is the Koran that must be outlawed or changed and that will never happen...Muslims will never allow it... So it looks like there is only one option...That option is to expose all the lies and insanity of Islam... Beginning with the Biblical proof that Islam is of Satan..And there is lots of proof.. We are living in the hour of temptation of Revelation 3-9,10 when Satan claims he is the god that is worshiped in a synagogue..I.e. The God of Abraham..Hello Allah..Hence synagogue of Satan....He further claims his flock of Muslims are the chosen ones through Ishmael... Matthew 4 God cannot be tempted....The temptation of Jesus was/is example for Christians to follow when confronted by this final temptation of Rev 3-9,10. Which is Islam.. Satan wanted Jesus to incorporate his stones into bread from God...An example of turning stones into bread from God is Muslims saying Koran verses are substantiated by Bible verses...An example is Koran verse 61-6 whereby Mohammed is said to be the holy ghost comforter of John 14-16.This is one example of turning stones into bread...Another example is accepting Mohammed as the cornerstone and the 12 imams as the foundation stones.in lieu of Jesus the cornerstone and the 12 foundational stones, the apostles.... ..God will stop this insanity as Jeremiah 51-26 says.."And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate for ever, saith the LORD. " Satan then tried to convince Jesus to cast himself down from his lofty position with God...and again he speaks of the Koran stones..He said the angels would protect Jesus from his foot being dashed against a stone...Satan knows full well our feet are clad with the gospel of Christ....If you stumble over Koran stones your feet become unclad and consequently bruised...It is the Gospel of Christ that keeps our feet from being turned away from the Lord..Believing the lies of Koran cause our feet to become unclothed with the Gospel.. And lastly as is happening today...Satan said fall down and worship me as (the God of Abraham), and I will give you the world (in jihad)....This action of Satan is clear as glass today... And then Jesus said to Satan, "Get thee hence."...Does Jesus mean for Satan to leave and get thee hence into the future.. i.e. Revelation 3-9,10 when Satan tempts the entire world ??
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