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Cutting the Federal Workforce

Ruth131 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 4:35 AM
Let's do what Governor Walker ( a TRUE PATRIOT) did and expose the cancer that allows states to be swallowed up .He cleaned it up & fought the fight for the taxpayers of Wisconsin ...let's HOPE it spreads NATIONWIDE....then we'll have the TRUE "hope & change" . The cancer is "progressives " and the tactic of crying "it's for teachers,firefighters,police" is BULL...and HOPEFULLY these folks understand that the taxpayers are wise to it now. The time of unions controlling politicians & the vicious cycle of supporting these THUG people NEEDS to be OVER !!!! Not a dime goes to the kids,& teachers,police,firefighters are laid off regardless & the unions want yet more money to feed at the trough !!! VOTE them OUT !!!!

Mitt Romney should press forward relentlessly with his pledge to slash bloated federal employment rolls by 10 percent. Even such serious cuts would leave two million holding civilian federal jobs—more employees than in January, 2008.


Does anyone think that the 250,000 workers added since then have made for more efficient or responsive government? In the last year of President Bush and the first three years of President Obama, the federal...