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Nancy Pelosi the "airheaded moron" who thinks that the American people are as ignorant and stupid as she,while she rakes in the dough without a care for ANYONE.....LMAO ....!!!! Each morning when one visits the "throne" and solid waste comes ,I ponder how much more intelligent "it" is than that dimwit !!! She is what is wrong with this country ,she is the POSTER CHILD of the cancer that infects this once great nation.
Dingy Harry and Schmucker as I like to call them are at it again ...typical Progressive Sorros owned thugs get what you vote for AMERICA !!!! They are the cancer that has ravaged out nation !!!!!!!!
GREAT AD !!!! EXPOSE these THUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cutting the Federal Workforce

Ruth131 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 4:35 AM
Let's do what Governor Walker ( a TRUE PATRIOT) did and expose the cancer that allows states to be swallowed up .He cleaned it up & fought the fight for the taxpayers of Wisconsin ...let's HOPE it spreads NATIONWIDE....then we'll have the TRUE "hope & change" . The cancer is "progressives " and the tactic of crying "it's for teachers,firefighters,police" is BULL...and HOPEFULLY these folks understand that the taxpayers are wise to it now. The time of unions controlling politicians & the vicious cycle of supporting these THUG people NEEDS to be OVER !!!! Not a dime goes to the kids,& teachers,police,firefighters are laid off regardless & the unions want yet more money to feed at the trough !!! VOTE them OUT !!!!
BloomBOOB should ban KETCHUP & it shoud spread to Mass. too !!! You'll see another radical liberal go OFF the DEEP END because it cuts into his profits..Mr. Sugar and his SUGAR mama ...what a sight that would be ...Bloomboob & know the one who docked his yacht in another state to avoid paying taxes...imagine "cutting" into his profits !!! it's AMAZINGLY humorous to see the "Nanny State" that these "elites" & some in "follywood" preach UNTIL it comes to "their" doors !!!! IT'S A COMING !!!!!! Welcome to the NIGHTMARE you "ELITE" thugs created !!!!! And there is NOTHING "elite" about you !!!
Congressman ALLEN WEST is MY "choice" ..he is a PATRIOT and will help us RESTORE our beloved country ,its honor,its glory,its respect,he will unite a broken country like no other ...he is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO !!! I'd STAND with him ANYTIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray he is willing and able and that Mr. Romney picks him for a running mate.
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Who Nudges the Nudgers?

Ruth131 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 3:01 AM
Bloomboob is trying to be a "ruler" ...lmao...he has money BUT lacks any brain capacity !!!!!
The ONLY reason why Chris boy can speak crap is because of those who served & sacrificed in the military ,so he can go straight to HELL !!! Scum liberal ,you are the cancer that infects our GREAT NATION !!!!
Tell the SCUMBAGS their "new" try at getting votes is laughable ...!!!!! What's next ..... can't wait ...BUT it's keeping me laughing uncontrollably !!! Thanks for the HUMOR ..God knows WE THE PEOPLE need it especially after these past 3 1/2 years !!!!
Two of the BIGGEST uneducated moronic pea brains like Billy Maher ...the bedfellow !!!!
No video lmao Looks like "O" and the "just us" dept Holder made sure that the video was removed ...sounds a bit like Communism.The DemocRATS now renamed "progressives" to SOUND pretty DO NOT have WE THE PEOPLE fooled like the FOLLYWOOD "elites" who think we little people need to be controlled ...wait until these thugs take the FOLLYWOOD folks money at the rate of 75% ....perhaps theses MORONS will wake the Will Smith wake up call when he was in France and interviewed(video on youtube..if it has not disappeared yet) .....AMAZING the stupidity !!! Andrew Breitbart is SMILING on Wisconsin tonight along with ALL PATRIOTS !!!!
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