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Who Nudges the Nudgers?

Ruth131 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 3:01 AM
Bloomboob is trying to be a "ruler" ...lmao...he has money BUT lacks any brain capacity !!!!!
The ONLY reason why Chris boy can speak crap is because of those who served & sacrificed in the military ,so he can go straight to HELL !!! Scum liberal ,you are the cancer that infects our GREAT NATION !!!!
Tell the SCUMBAGS their "new" try at getting votes is laughable ...!!!!! What's next ..... can't wait ...BUT it's keeping me laughing uncontrollably !!! Thanks for the HUMOR ..God knows WE THE PEOPLE need it especially after these past 3 1/2 years !!!!
Two of the BIGGEST uneducated moronic pea brains like Billy Maher ...the bedfellow !!!!
No video lmao Looks like "O" and the "just us" dept Holder made sure that the video was removed ...sounds a bit like Communism.The DemocRATS now renamed "progressives" to SOUND pretty DO NOT have WE THE PEOPLE fooled like the FOLLYWOOD "elites" who think we little people need to be controlled ...wait until these thugs take the FOLLYWOOD folks money at the rate of 75% ....perhaps theses MORONS will wake the Will Smith wake up call when he was in France and interviewed(video on youtube..if it has not disappeared yet) .....AMAZING the stupidity !!! Andrew Breitbart is SMILING on Wisconsin tonight along with ALL PATRIOTS !!!!
PLAIN and SIMPLY put....any POTUS would have been impeached had they not made the decision to take out OSAMA .This POTUS has nothing to stand on with this one...He HAD to make that decision. It is a NONSTARTER subject except for those "dumbed down Americans" who are CLUELESS !!!!!
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Obama Money Machine Ramps Up for Romney

Ruth131 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 3:16 AM
boy do we have MEMORIES to last into our afterlife !!
Congressman West is an American PATRIOT & I am glad he speaks the truth to the American people !!!!! THANK GOD because he is one of few who have a spine !!!!
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Scott Walker Can Relax

Ruth131 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 2:49 AM
Governor Walker is a TRUE American ICON & PATRIOT !! He is what this country has needed for decades to rid us of the cancer that has penetrated our very core through the "progressive" AGENDA of "feel good" politics that WE THE PEOPLE have ALLOWED to happen. Our beloved America is under assault in every venue of our lives and we have bred a mass of those who "feel" entitled ,noless those who want to sit on their ELITIST thrones and tell WE THE PEOPLE how to live,as if they are our parents. Like John Stossel said NO THEY CAN'T !!!!!
Mayor Bloomberg and his like thinking socialists elites are the reason NYS is being abandoned by the thousands ,we left many yrs ago because we saw the writing on the wall . Perhaps the good mayor could go out and walk his streets without the armed protection he so enjoys and walk along us "simple" folk he wishes to dictate over ...he is a fool . He has not a clue that he along with his gang of elite thugs sold their souls,if they had them to begin with for the betterment of mankind only to control the masses. He's the Nancy Pelosi of mayors & he is thought of every time a toilet run of solid waste is made because he along with his ilk are merely that and no more !!!!
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