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This Nation could start the "healing" from the bafoons who think they know best for WE THE PEOPLE who have only divided us w/intent & cause. Let the IGNORANT & UNEDUCATED voter play with their "devices" & the educated VOTE !!!!!
A Ronald Reagan conservative(Senator Ted Cruz ) or a Netanyahu would be a BLESSING to lead the Free World and our country right now !!!! GOD HELP US !!!!
My thoughts exactly !!!!
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Piers Morgan Threatens to Leave USA

Ruth131 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 4:17 PM
Let's just fund Piers trip back to his home country & we can throw a few other travelers in with him ....Russell Brand ,some follywood hypocrites to boot !!
The USA is again seen as a weak coward ....this is a tragedy & he should have been home months ago !! NO Americans should travel to Mexico UNTIL he is released.....WE THE PEOPLE have more power through tourism than our lead from behind Washington "leaders" . I will pray for him & his family for his safe return ...like YESTERDAY !!!!
Have you people no MORAL CORE to post what you are posting. Brian Terry was serving his country and protecting our borders and is a TRUE PATRIOT . Had our Gov't not run the "fast & furious " operation and cover up Mr. Terry would still be with us ,serving the country he LOVED. My hear aches for his family ,friends,& those that served with him & still serve. Still justice has not been served & I pray that Darrel Issa will NOT stop until this tragedy is exposed FULLY !!!! Brian Terrys' family is in my prayers every night ,I could not imagine their pain.
MORON is the best word for this sad display !!!!!
Leave it to BLOOMBOOB ...& Rahm Rambo ....haven't they been booted out of office yet ? They take a tragedy by some SICKO and capitalize on it ....what's that ...Oh yeah ...Rahm said" never let a good tragedy go to waste" when he was in the Whitehouse...apparently it carried on to NYC too. SICK about the massacre & these 2 lugnuts should be ashamed of themselves for trying to capitalize on it !! SHAMEFUL !!!!!!!
BloomBOOB is a perfect match to run a city in a communist country ...makes him FEEL BIG ,POWERFUL,MACHO.....he is a weasel & why we long ago left NYS !! Here's HOPING the people of NYS got the "wake up " call on these "transformers" of this once great nation into a NANNY state ,cradle to grave !!! Better YET ...hope the COUNTRY has awoken !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!
With 99.9 % of the BLUE BLOOD dems voted out by the FAR LEFT radicals ...there is NO party there left to speak of ...no wonder the response to the mayor....YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR.....only thing is ...they did not want this to be EXPOSED until AFTER this Novembers' election.Now IF the reasonable left in the dem party (voters I mean )& the independents SEE THROUGH this path we are headed down ,there is NO WAY to reelect a radical thinking "rewriter" of our history & "transformer" of this ONCE great nation into a socialist utopia that they desire.
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