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Bloomberg's Next Target: Milkshakes and Popcorn

Ruth131 Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 4:19 AM
BloomBOOB should ban KETCHUP & it shoud spread to Mass. too !!! You'll see another radical liberal go OFF the DEEP END because it cuts into his profits..Mr. Sugar and his SUGAR mama ...what a sight that would be ...Bloomboob & know the one who docked his yacht in another state to avoid paying taxes...imagine "cutting" into his profits !!! it's AMAZINGLY humorous to see the "Nanny State" that these "elites" & some in "follywood" preach UNTIL it comes to "their" doors !!!! IT'S A COMING !!!!!! Welcome to the NIGHTMARE you "ELITE" thugs created !!!!! And there is NOTHING "elite" about you !!!

Apparently, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg just hasn't exercised his nanny state card enough with his "big gulp" ban and now the NYC Board of Health, whose members were chosen by Bloomberg, is looking to target milkshakes and popcorn. I have a feeling movie theatres will be making a statement about this one. 

At a meeting Tuesday, members of the New York City Board of Health expressed support for Bloomberg's proposal. They then started brainstorming other ways to cut the fat, according to  

Member Bruce Vladeck proposed limiting movie-theater popcorn...