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It's as if Bush didn't leave the surplus that Obama spent. It's like Obama doesn't remember all the jobs Bush created. It;'s almost as if Obama doesn't remember the two successful wars that accomplished so much. Talk about an ingrate! I'm surprised he didn't blame Bush for not keeping America safe on 9/11.
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False Flag Operation on LOST

RUSTY LIMBOTOMY Wrote: May 14, 2012 11:42 PM
Poor Frank, always afraid of the toothless tiger under the bed. And judging by the number of comments, even the R/Wers aren't afraid. Without a boogieman, Frank can't raise money. Be asceered, do it for an old man who needs your money.
Thank God, a white MAN won Augusta just now. Now we have to concentrate on the White house.
No one said Mrs Poopy Pants speaks for you, or any other S L U T. You have a problem with comprehension Re sister? As for your conservative intelligence, when was the last time a Libertarian ever won political office? Let me look it up... here's the answer---NEVER.
You are on point! You HAVE to want everything possible to go wrong if we want to get elected. I hope we have a terrorist attack in the lower 48, the bigger, the better. Anybody who takes a job rather than remain unemployed is un-American by definition. We HAVE to defeat Obama in order to send a message- Democraps need not apply.
This is the most ignorant, lying piece of human excrement to ever be elected to congress What a frightening visage of a harpy she is, a truly hideous woman with enough ugly to turn men gay. Man, what happened to her face? Normally, my eyes can't leave the pub1c hair growing her head. Uuuuuuuuggggglllllyyyyyy......Not only is Debbie WasserPig profoundly ugly, she is also profoundly stupid. Is this the best you LIBERALS can come up with here? Sounds like every one pf you LIBERALS have a thing for Miss Poopy pants. I can do better than you with half my brain tied behind my back. She's a skanky manx who isn't worth the schmegma on my Cheney. It's easy when you're brilliant!
Poor Swedish kids, can't even bring guns to school. At least we're #1 in school shootings.
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