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Obama Camp Melts Down Over Ryan's Speech

Rusty139 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 11:41 AM
We will continue to take care of our business, our families, and our live the best we can under the tyrannical rule of a man who wipes his feet on the Constitution every time he steps into the White House. We will do everything we can to stop his policies utilizing the rule of law, not imperial fiat. And we will pray our rear ends off.

The Obama campaign is lashing out at Paul Ryan, claiming that his fantastic convention speech last night was packed with falsehoods and lies.  Here's their hysterical response video:

To the surprise of no one, the ad's "rebuttals" are misleading and wrong themselves.  Point by point:

(1) They begin with video of CNN reporters discussing accusations of Ryan's "lies." This is proof that the Obama campaign sent out a lot of angry...