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The NRA Is Going After Michael Bloomberg

Rusty139 Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 9:33 AM
What about the real story here: DAVID BROOKS IS A REPUBLICAN?
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Have You Met...Rep. Diane Black

Rusty139 Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 9:24 AM
For the love of God how did you forget the dept of stupidity (I mean education)?
At least they should have been dragged through some of that broken glass from their last moronic moment.
Boy, it sure makes you want to keep more of these wild animals in the country, doesn't it?
Kudos, Mr. Dingell. That's the funniest thing a democrat congressman has ever said. We could only be so lucky that the morons at the EPA sat around and played games all day as opposed to stomping on the rights of US citizens 24/7/365, as most of them currently do.
Who is Bryan Fischer? Your argument might actually have some teeth if you could find a name someone has actually heard of. Bush didn't bring the reset button to Putin, Enrique. That was Barry and his lapdog Hillary.
I know how much this site hates that old Massachusetts Cherokee (me too), but is this really the forum to be dumping on corporations? Doesn't Obama and Reid already do enough of that? The right is now selling the "down with corporate welfare" garbage? Is this going to include capital gains? Is town hall going to go on a 5 year corporation's are evil tour like Comrade President?
HE LOST! Get over yourselves, soccer dorks. No one care about this boring niche sport in this country.
How can they be anti-dumba$$ with this dumba$$ commercial?
Limbaugh was off base when he called her a prostitute. At least with a prostitute, there is some honesty in the quid pro quo of paying for a service.. With the Fluker, she wants to have sex, she wants you to pay for it, but she's not having sex with you. No, Rush was wrong. She's much lower than a prostitute.
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