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With the anti-Semitic beliefs held by Obama and the left in this country, you have to wonder if those are actual Jews he is with at the table, or just some of pajama boy's friends posing for a picture.
Beliefs? What actual "beliefs" does this buffoon hold?
Why would we expect this pondscum to do anything with dignity or honesty?
And with that, the Republican field for the 2016 presidential nomination decreases by one.
As much as I hate unions, the NCAA has earned this problem. They're about as corrupt as the NLRB.
Let's say he's sober and faithful to his wife. Can he run as a Kennedy?
They must have consulted the great Barrack on this one. Even though he is thoroughly enamored of his drunken, bigamist, Communist father, "Pops" Obama was only around for about a year before he abandoned his child. The lack of understanding of how a parent communicates with a child seems to be in play here.
Looks like some lefties are worried about November...
But their beards are fantastic!
DEPORT HIS A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call me a racist, but I sure don't see a lot of Mexicans filling jobs in the high tech field. And lets be honest people. This isn't an immigration issue, its a Mexico issue. Everyone else gets deported.
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