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How can they be anti-dumba$$ with this dumba$$ commercial?
Limbaugh was off base when he called her a prostitute. At least with a prostitute, there is some honesty in the quid pro quo of paying for a service.. With the Fluker, she wants to have sex, she wants you to pay for it, but she's not having sex with you. No, Rush was wrong. She's much lower than a prostitute.
Well, this is a undeniable broken law. Sue or imprison this Higley scumbag. Let's get this started already. Make this guy an example of what will happened to bureaucrats who think they are above the law. Today.
No, but your only point is "the ACA is doing fine." But what metric could you possibly spew that foolishness? Give me something concrete. Oh, you can't? I'm shocked.
sigh...Thank you comrade Stevens. Now go find a hole somewhere and die an long and painful death, traitor.
Just go away.
Please please please please please please run for the senate, Katie the Incompetent. I cant think of anything more enjoyable over a boring election cycle than watching this loser get raked over the coals for a month and a half.
With the anti-Semitic beliefs held by Obama and the left in this country, you have to wonder if those are actual Jews he is with at the table, or just some of pajama boy's friends posing for a picture.
Beliefs? What actual "beliefs" does this buffoon hold?
Why would we expect this pondscum to do anything with dignity or honesty?
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