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Just another feminist icon who "earned" her success in life by marrying a rich dude. Why is everyone shocked at this level of stupidity? It's completely compatible with the extreme level of narcissism and delusions of grandeur.
Who the hell reads "Salon?" Hairstylists?
Given his, um. significant pigmentation, he will NOT be part of the Obama Sacrifice Squad. That's just how racism/liberalism/communism/hypocrisy/socialism/the Democrat party works, Outajoint.
I thought the person who was in charge of the CDC would be, you know, smart. This clown comes right out of Obama bureaucrat central casting: dumb as a stump and sticking with his failure of a plan.
In all seriousness...does pleading the fifth EVER scream "I'm innocent"? If you're innocent. Lolo, tell us the truth. If you're guilty, up against the wall you treasonous b^%$!.
In the age of Obamacare and the IRS tax code, what kind of dingbat runs on how wordy her signature legislation is? Tone deaf baboons, that's who.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

Rusty139 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 8:39 AM
Leave her in Dems. The incoherent, uncivilized, foul mouthed, sewage that flows out of this thing's mouth represents the US Democratic party perfectly. Its unqualified, pathetic attempts at making a point represents modern leftist feminism to a T. When you run out of ideas or cogent thoughts, scream racism (sexism).
The main lesson of Behghazi has always been that leftist ideals and Democrat power are more important to the liberal elite power brokers than American lives. This is just more of the same, Sickening.
If you changed the word "can" to "want"; that could be the Obama administration's motto.
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CNN Hires Jay Carney

Rusty139 Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 9:31 AM
Of course they did. But HEY! NO BIAS HERE!
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