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Beg your pardon, "simpering".
Simple. This P(OS)OTUS is a sumpering weasel and apparently in collusion with Putin to destroy the United States. Impeachment, anyone ? And for God sakes get rid of Biden and Holder, too !!
What you have asked for already exists. Oblamer, Holder, and Reid have the idea they are above the law and can do whatever they want.
All of Obama's executive orders violate existing laws and actually create new law, thereby bypassing congress.
You have to get it past Holder in the DoJ.
Actually I heard on one of the Denver channels it was 119 withdrawl's in Denver alone for the month of January ! And tonight on channel seven news they were complaining about the number of pets that have died from marijuana poisoning ! Toxic and killing innocent pets. And there are apparently many more pets suffering long term disabilities due to either the voluntary or involuntary exposure !
Anything to justify their coerced socialism. When are the American people going to get fed up with their "overthrow America" agenda ? Now they want to monitor and control what the newspapers print. The New York City Police have been sending out letters to "turn your guns" or face dire consequences. It is time to send all the liberals packing !!
Why Joseph64? To satisfy your overdeveloped ego and sense of self-worth?
You can always tell the idiots that have never been in armed combat. Not much, but you can tell them. You keep shooting until the assailants quit moving ! Only then are you sure you are out of danger !
Because Eric Holder and Oblamer would not like it if they proved that the people that were shot were actually armed thugs. (RE: Martin-Zimmerman)
First degree murder is you planned to kill them and then drove to where they were and blatantly killed them. He was buying gas at a convenience store. Who was there first? And I have seen enough A-holes of all ethnic backgrounds to believe the "thugs" were not as tough as they thought they were!
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