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75% of the patrols need to be made where 75% of the crimes occur. If Michael Brown had not been shot by the police the gang bangers would probably have done in the next couple of months.
Yet the United Nations idiots are crying about Black criminals dying when they assault White police officers here in the United States . Let them cleanup these murderers before they dare say anything about the United States !!
Betcha Harry Reid and the Democrats reinstate it before the end of the year .
Is this the famous Sandra Fluke of the "Fluke you too " "I need my birth control free , just like me " fame ?
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Liberals Dust Off "Blame Whitey" Card

Rusty Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 2:07 PM
Why not use the "blame whitey card " it is all they have left . After all any liberal knows that you are a racist if you can prove you are not a racist .
Californicate is far more appropriate for the way they ignore federal laws and favor illegals over natives .
Wonderful ! I am all for it ! That is as long as they tax the Hollywood Glitterati and the working people of California to pay for it ! Los Angeles is already the welfare capitol of the United States . Don't ask for a single cent via the Federal Government and taxes on the wheat farmer in Kansas or the corn farmer in Nebraska to pay for yopur boondoggles !!
Obam-Me is printing it as he goes. I am interested in Obamacare's architect that has now provided information on how the Democrats managed to swindle Medicare out of over $400,000,000.00 per year for several years now in Massachusetts alone and would like to know exactly where it went !
Unmitigated spam ripoff !
I have been telling people for years about the U. N. and it's attempt to put a tax or surcharge on the developed nations (don't be lazy , google it for yourself ! ) in order to "help these third world countries to better their lives " . What Oblamer is doing is redistributing our income in order to "pay back " for our "Imperialism and Colonialism " where we "took advantage " of these poor countries . Read his books. It is all in there ! What is going to happen is the dictators and despots in these countries will get richer while their people get poorer . It is time to get rid Of Obam-Me once and for all > Send him to prison for the crimes he has committed !
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