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Seems that Oblamer and the Democrats are hell bent on marginalizing and eliminating the "Balance of Power" by eliminating two of the three divisions of our Government. First they want to neutralize Congress and now they are trying to marginalize the SCOTUS. This would give the "Grand Caliph" Barak supreme power. I would gladly fund the first two "after birth abortions" if Udall and Murray would volunteer and correct their mothers' mistakes in letting them be born !!
Next, Winston Smith will be required to edit all previous records changing "husband and wife" to "spouses" so as to make like nothing else ever existed > ( Read "1984" by George Orwell)
Yep, North Carolina's voter identity act is discriminatory in that it prevents the dead, the illegal aliens, and the Democrats from committing voter fraud and stealing elections.
There is not now nor was there ever a "Republican war on women" . This was just another propaganda myth dreamed up deep in the bowels of the Liberal coalition to smear and defame Republicans .
He can talk to Bloomberg but not to Colorado's Sheriffs ? Hmmmm. Closet liberal ? Probably. And now his cushy job as an Obama lackey is jeopardized !!
Am I correct in assuming many of the posts here are liberals in disguise posting negatives in order to change the message ?
Yep. They are trying to "get" Sheriff Joe and anyone else that doesn't tremble before Holder and Obama. While we are at it, let's end "birthright citizenship" . When mamma scurries across the border with her labor pains five minutes apart, that violates the Constitutional requirement that the parents "have no political affiliation or citizenship in another country". Just another deliberate misinterpretation of the law by the liberals .
Wonderful ! Here we have a delusional has-been supporting sociopathic has-been who lied and deliberately got or ambassador killed to protect the gun-running Obama and his political sway !! As the Red Queen was wont to say " Off with their heads" !!
"White Privilege" is nothing other than a term made up by the liberal and gay bigots to denigrate and revile anyone who worked hard, played by the rules, applied themselves, solved their own problems, and did not look for others to solve their problems for them. This unlike the "I-me-my, I'm entitled, I deserve" bigots that would be more than happy to "live within my income" rather than earn their own.
I remember an old saying, "Figures don't lie, but liars figure" . If you used the same formulas used during the Bush Administration to calculate the unemployment rate in the United States, the current unemployment rate would be 19.7% . And without the Fed pumping $85 billion monthly in to the economy , we would be a major Obama-caused depression, possibly crashing every economy in the world. So all you Oblamer sycophants, please take a long walk on a short pier !!
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