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Rep . Gutierrez , are you just too stucking fupid (malapropism ) to understand just what illegal means ? Try to cross illegally into Mexico or some other Central American country and you will probably be shot and left for buzzard bait . How about we strip your American citizenship and send you to some little mud hut in Jalisco state ?
Income inequality is really very simple to explain . There are those among us who get up and go to work every day (conservatives with a few liberals thrown ) and those suckling on the welfare teat complaining about their lot in life (liberals with the occasional poser pretending to be conservative ) . The workers may hate their job , their boss , or the amount of workplace crapola they have to put up with but they are there every day . The non-workers are not content to just lay around living off what other people earn but complain how unfair those "rich , selfish , undeserving one per centers " are for not sharing even more than they already do ! I can deduce all this from the lamestream media but I sure cannot figure out how to turn it around . End welfare subsidy altogether ?
Just what in the flock do liberals not understand ? They are here against all of our immigration laws and the liberal fools say they have a right to take jobs ? Oh , I forgot , these illegals represent a major bloc of Democrat voters and the Democrats cannot afford to disenfranchise their base !!
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Obama Targets Americans At The Pump

Rusty Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 1:20 PM
Puck the frotesters , send every last one back to the country of their birth ! And start by sending our Muslim leader back to Kenya !!
One comment in this article made a point that I hadn't realized before ! The Black Gangstas in Chicago and elsewhere are just performing "retroactive abortions " !! Since Roe vs. Wade allowed abortions , these thugs (not a racist term ) are acting under the law ! Now , if you could just allow John Birch members , KKK members , and all the skinhead groups to participate then everyone should be happy ! Margaret Sanger would be complete in her hate and we could close Planned Parenthood ! (written with utmost sarcasm)
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Hands Up, Don’t Lie

Rusty Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 12:22 PM
Update : It has now been made public that after the race baiting Dept. of Justice and FBI have , after a thorough and very prejudicial investigation , found that Michael brown did NOT have his civil rights violated by Officer Wilson . Apparently it was a valid and justified "shoot " of a young criminal thug .
Wow !! It didn't take Carly long to tear down H-P ! What would be her new job, to finish the total destruction of the United states that the Muslim Obama Cartel has started ?
Why , dincha hear Hilary say that if the law abiding people would just lay down their guns , then the bad guys would feel guilty and get rid of theirs ? I would still be laughing if it weren't for the sheer stupidity displayed by the liberals !!
Well.....Duh !! An armed populace could end the situation by killing the terrorists in the first place . Oh , Wait . Does he actually mean the terrorists should be allowed to kill more Americans because of their "cultural insensitivity " or their perceived "White privilege " ?
Are my eyes deceiving me or are most of the faces I see on the floor white ? Who exactly are these cretins , more CUNY professors and other assorted Marxist and Socialist anarchists who hate the United States in the first place ?
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