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"Nor interfere with the free practice thereof." Sounds like this ruling is a violation of a persons First Amendment rights, and therefore unconstitutional to me. But, thanks to Obama , we now have a segment of liberals that feel they are not bound by any laws, rules , or regulations they do not agree with.
"Gaffe Spree", wasn't that the sister ship to Germany's "Bismark " in WWII ? Oh, I'm sorry ! That was the "Graff Spee " . Ah well they are both equally useless . After the Bismark was sunk Germany scuttled the Graff Spee , the same thing will happen to Biden now that Obam-Me has scuttled the Democrats !
Could the problem possibly be the lack of qualified applicants ? Betcha that is a major contributing factor !
How wonderful ! What better way to suspend the Constitution and Congress in order to go to a dictatorial rule than go to a society ruled by force of arms .That provides a perfect excuse to declare martial law and incarcerate anyone and everyone who opposes you . I have been hearing this "conspiracy theory " for a while now. And do not forget the old saying that "An armed society is a polite society ". If you insult me, try to unlawfully take what is mine, or try to physically harm or kill me or any of my family, that allows me to shoot you ! Apparently what is going on is an attempt to destroy our "civil society " in order to "fundamentally change " America into a socio-communist , godless (except for Allah ) vision of an anti-American POTUS !
maybe the Democrats need to re-register all the cemetery residents to vote. It happened in my hometown. 834 "voters" in one section of the catholic cemetery voted one year !! (The notaries that certified the mail in ballots got caught !!)
Terribly sorry Flagged by accident !!
It is simply amazing how this New York City elitist feels he knows more than anyone else but was mayor of one of the most lawless , corrupt cities in the United States ! Maybe he should mind his own business and try to clean up his back yard before he tries to control ours !!
Once upon a time (for the Texans out there, "Now you ain't gonna believe this s--t") the snake oil salesman would come to town amidst all the noise and celebration looking to "sell" more product than he actually had. He was accompanied by the various "circus geeks" of the bearded woman, the India rubber man, and other various other sideshows . When he was found out to be a fraud, liar, and opportunist the good citizens would proceed to "tar and feather" him and run him out of town on a rail. With our current Snake oil in Chief, he has been found to be a fraud, a charlatan, a self-obsessed liar, and a socialist apparently bent on the total destruction of the United States l So how does his sycophant "geeks " respond ? Why by reciting "liar, liar, pants on fire" and demanding the good citizens genuflect and kiss his a.... er, ring ! Time to purge our government of all these socialist frauds come November !
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Nanny State Targets Grocery Stores

Rusty Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 3:36 PM
No soda, no potato chips (or pork rinds), no candy, no donuts, cakes, or pastries, no frozen (or fresh) pizzas, no more prepared foods from the deli, ...... Why doesn't Michelle go back to the old "commodity wagons" where the government delivered what you got ? Don't like what you get , the kids won't eat it ? Tough !! Michelle said so !!
No health insurance covers Viagra or Cialis for "fun and games". Health insurance will cover this product ONLY to treat BPH or other medical conditions . Just as Hobby Lobby's insurance will cover IUD's for certain medical necessities , JUST NOT FOR "FUN AND GAMES" !!
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