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Obam-Me is printing it as he goes. I am interested in Obamacare's architect that has now provided information on how the Democrats managed to swindle Medicare out of over $400,000,000.00 per year for several years now in Massachusetts alone and would like to know exactly where it went !
Unmitigated spam ripoff !
I have been telling people for years about the U. N. and it's attempt to put a tax or surcharge on the developed nations (don't be lazy , google it for yourself ! ) in order to "help these third world countries to better their lives " . What Oblamer is doing is redistributing our income in order to "pay back " for our "Imperialism and Colonialism " where we "took advantage " of these poor countries . Read his books. It is all in there ! What is going to happen is the dictators and despots in these countries will get richer while their people get poorer . It is time to get rid Of Obam-Me once and for all > Send him to prison for the crimes he has committed !
It's simple . Discard this ACA garbage. Trans-gender surgery , cosmetic surgery , providing birth control and abortifacients at the employers expense , and abortions are NOT health care ! The Republicans had a viable alternative to the ACA that Harry Reid refused to bring to the floor . Now that Gruber has let the cat out of the bag and admitted that the ACA was just a major "redistribution of wealth " it needs to be done away with altogether !!
Yep , but now we have the socio-communists here that are hell bent on ignoring the laws and shredding the United States Constitution for their own personal gain and benefit !
"Nor interfere with the free practice thereof." Sounds like this ruling is a violation of a persons First Amendment rights, and therefore unconstitutional to me. But, thanks to Obama , we now have a segment of liberals that feel they are not bound by any laws, rules , or regulations they do not agree with.
"Gaffe Spree", wasn't that the sister ship to Germany's "Bismark " in WWII ? Oh, I'm sorry ! That was the "Graff Spee " . Ah well they are both equally useless . After the Bismark was sunk Germany scuttled the Graff Spee , the same thing will happen to Biden now that Obam-Me has scuttled the Democrats !
Could the problem possibly be the lack of qualified applicants ? Betcha that is a major contributing factor !
How wonderful ! What better way to suspend the Constitution and Congress in order to go to a dictatorial rule than go to a society ruled by force of arms .That provides a perfect excuse to declare martial law and incarcerate anyone and everyone who opposes you . I have been hearing this "conspiracy theory " for a while now. And do not forget the old saying that "An armed society is a polite society ". If you insult me, try to unlawfully take what is mine, or try to physically harm or kill me or any of my family, that allows me to shoot you ! Apparently what is going on is an attempt to destroy our "civil society " in order to "fundamentally change " America into a socio-communist , godless (except for Allah ) vision of an anti-American POTUS !
maybe the Democrats need to re-register all the cemetery residents to vote. It happened in my hometown. 834 "voters" in one section of the catholic cemetery voted one year !! (The notaries that certified the mail in ballots got caught !!)
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