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Can Mitt Romney Win?

RussVet Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 1:38 AM
Doesn't anyone remember that Obozo got an serious smack down in the Nov 2010 midterm election.... An absolute vote of no confidence, .... since then he has accomplished nothing positive and even managed to hack off the pope :) ... Being a worthless Jimmy Carter clone; he is the worst pResident in American history; everybody is just waiting to pull the Obozo/Dems flush handle Nov 2012..... Romney has the business background to restore the American economy and jobs .... I think he will restore American greatest thru free enterprise; reduced taxes and lifting Obozo regulations stiffing small business; like another Reagan, without the sense of humor...

For months, we've heard the chattering class tell us that Mitt Romney was the only acceptable Republican nominee. He was the only candidate who could beat Barack Obama; he was the only one smart enough, savvy enough, and milquetoast enough to defeat Obama in a general election. While Newt Gingrich was too hot and Rick Santorum was too cold, Romney was the Goldilocks candidate, everyone's second choice.

The question now is whether Romney will be Americans' first choice.

He faces an uphill climb. President Obama rides at about 50 percent in the polls nationally, despite the fact that...