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8.1 Percent, 7.8 Percent -- Whatever

RussVet Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 11:49 AM
Just did an analysis of unemployment numbers and they havent changed... my family still have 3 highly educated engineers and computer science majors that have been out of work for greater than a year ... anybody with basic math skills can calculate how many would need to get jobs for that much of a drop.. impossible ... all Obozo has to do is lose the remaining two debates and unemployment will be pencil whooped down to 3%
To the millions of Americans unable to find work, to college graduates who can't get a job and are living with their parents, to the underemployed who are working at jobs far below their skill set and experience, and to those who have given up looking for work altogether, a 7.8 percent unemployment rate is meaningless. The economy stinks.

And try as they might -- and they are trying mightily to rescue a man they sold to voters four years ago as a political messiah -- major media can't seem to transform a failing president into a success.