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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

Russ in Michigan Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 12:40 PM
Even then, his Narcissistic Personality Disorder will keep him safe from reality. He lives in his own little shell, surrounded by sycophants who enable his disease.
No, I'm not rich, but I'm assuming you're a Democrat because of your penchant for class driven politics. My god, man, no one has done more damage to the "middle class" than your guy Barack. Everything he has done, or hasn't done, has been detrimental to the middle class.
The choice was between a moderate Republican with an outstanding record of achievement in both the public and private sectors and a far left "progressive" Democrat, ex "community organizer", with no management experience at all, especially in the private sector. We're paying the price for the mistake those who voted for the latter guy when we desperately needed the former guy. One thing it tells us is that negative campaigning works. They Obama campaign did such a thorough job of pouring slime on a decent and caring, moral and successful man, that even this article makes reference to his favorability rating is even lower than Obama's. That's truly astonishing!
The article comes very close to excusing what happened. It's just union members protecting their benefits and benefactors. HOGWASH! This IRS action was an intentional violation of our Constitution. This was a criminal act by one party seeking to silence the voice of an opposing party by tying it up in red tape that only a government agency could bring to bear. It should be investigated until the guilty parties are identified and brought to justice. This situation cries out for a special prosecutor with full subpoena powers.
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