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It would be so sweet to have Obama lose in a big way to prove that USA citizens are not buying his Socialist Utopia crap. Considering the damage Obama and his minions could do with four (4) more years in office even beating him by a very slim margin is essential to the survival of our constitutional republic. People of faith need by be praying fervently that our country will be rid of this evil presence in the executive branch.
Newt said he was going to run an unconventional campaign depending on social media. The take away from his campaign is that his strategy failed. His strategy might have worked had he not had so many negatives to overcome. The Herman Cain campaign almost pulled off the ultimate upset using an unconventional strategy but was pummeled by skeletons in his closet.
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Shocker: Perry Endorses Romney

Russell86 Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 7:47 AM
One thing good about Mitt is at least he is not a communist!
Barone's article proves the point that the election campaign for Republicans must be made into a referendum on Obama. If they are successful with that message they will win with ease. Obama's minions will start slamming Mitt hard real soon. Also, the Mormon religion will be portrayed as the followers of Lucifer's spawn by the so called "main stream media". I have felt from the beginning that the Democrats all think Mitt will be the easiest to beat by slamming his religion. A large percentage of southern evangelicals are very wary or even hostile to the Mormons. Sorry, that hostility was revealed by some Rick Perry supporters while he was a candidate.
Ms. Coulter finally discovered the one issue Mitten has not flip-lopped. Congratulations for your brilliant observation.
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Fighting the Last War

Russell86 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 8:03 AM
Talk about fighting the "last war". We fought the war against your candidate four years ago. Mitten went back and built up his war chest to crush any opponent that challenged him with negative advertising. Ann will most likely get her candidate this time around. The problem is that she will have to live with her choice if, and I do mean if, Mitten is elected. The Dems don't want to run against Mitten because they think he is the strongest opponent. Quite the opposite, just ask Donna Brazile.
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