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Republicans Need To Grow Up About Taxes

Russell66 Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 7:25 AM
It will be best for ALL Virginia if we persuade all those officers of our government who customarily or particularly perpetrate any of VA18.2-111, VA18.2-481(5) or VA18.2-482 felony to plead for pardon to be granted under the virtue of thier parole oath. That oath should likely be the oath of office combined with a recognition of their duties under VA18.2-111, VA18.2-481(5) or VA18.2-482. The "Go & Sin No More" solution is the most practical solution to our Commonwealth's and country's problems.

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Republicans are flailing about these days, trying to rebrand themselves before the next election cycle. A certain amount of introspection and internecine debate is inevitable after suffering a stinging loss against an opponent with a dismal record. One thing the GOP needs to do to gain greater acceptance among voters is to improve their credibility by outgrowing a tiresome, unthinking opposition to any and all tax increases.

This is anything but a recommendation that Republicans “go moderate” and tack for