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Obama’s Rat Madness

russell63 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 11:21 PM
Great column - made me laugh. Russell Buckley
The common thread among Tea Party members is fiscal responsibility. Given our fiscal dilemma, the fact that almost all Democrats and some Republicans criticize moving in that direction is difficult to understand. Heaven knows - we are in desperate need of some fiscally responsible adults.
As always, Mr. Sowell you cut through the clutter and get to the essence of our behavior. Thanks and please keep writing.
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Democracy and Majority Rule

russell63 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:20 PM
Well put Dr Williams. Please continue your effort to enlighten our population.
It is not accurate to excuse the President - and particularly his party - for the recession. The Democrats in the house and senate (and he was one of them) were the primary pushers of the social engineering that got so many financially unqualified buyers into houses. President Bush was compliant. Giving credit where it is due is more than simple politics - it is important to prevent a repeat of previous mistakes.
The unions control California to such an extent that change won't happen until the pain is unbearable - and that is not likely to be the state of affairs as long as California taxpayers are wiling to increase taxes on themselves little will change. The unions own the electorate and enough voters to maintain power.
Jerry - most of us are familiar with the very legitimate arguments on both sides of this national debate on immigration. The question is how to resolve those into a reasonable solution. How about devoting your next column to that subject.
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Trashing Achievements

russell63 Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 8:12 PM
Among the ridiculous things this woman contends is that roads only benefit the producers. How does she think foods that consumers buy get to the supermarket? And does she not want the children we educate to be offered jobs so that they can support themselves? If her logic is typical of those who instruct in our institutes of higher education, we are in bigger trouble than I thought.
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Obama’s Fake Fairness Fairy

russell63 Wrote: Jul 19, 2012 11:11 PM
Seems to me that the consumers of products that travel on our roads benefit from the roads every bit as much as the manufacturers do. What am I missing?
Right on Star. Vouchers are the right thing to do - and they might win some votes to boot. The previous commenter misses the boat entirely - the justification for vouchers is to give kids trapped in the hell holes that pass for schools in most of our large cities the opportunity to attend a good school. It is called Equal Opportunity!
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