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Inside Team Romney's Plans To Win

rushshambula Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 7:21 PM
the only way the GOP can lose is if the give up or don't show up
GOP is stupid not to back Akin...as a Missouran I know that McCaskills record is the only thing indenfensible in this race other than the GOP black balling of Akin...more to the point this voter will vote Akin and leave the entire rest of my ballot totally blank with the exception of local issues...you want to play stupid GOP I might even throw in with Obama since thats what the GOP is doing by seeding this race to the Dems
the great thing about Chenny is that when he's wrong he just as stupid as a liberal- why would anyone blame Palin? The same esty GOP is trying to push Portmann on the Tea Party as if the VP spot is irrelevent but Palin was a mistake---NO McShame was a mistake anyone who says otherwise is a liar or a buffoon
Really? I disagree Penn State looked the other way for one reason FOOTBALL!!! Sure I would prefer they shutter the entire campus but I digress. What about Jerry Sandusky ( a gay or bisexual man) and his contributions to society will CA schools teach students about this? I am shocked that no one has the stones to connect the dots on this- he wasn't raping little girls was he? The bottom line is homosexual behavior is a rebelloius act otherwise their would be no closet from which to come out of- this case is about Sandusky coming out of the closet!!!
BRAVO Matt; that is about as spot on assesment as I have seen articulated on the Excre-Mitt of it all I would only make to diesenting observations; 1) that Romney didn't have as much of a problem with his record as he now does with how his campaign attacked "the conservative canddiates" when he attacked them he attack us (Conservatives); his ugly tactics mirror those of the left and endorse their double standard something Conservatives have long fought against and B/C of that we don't & more over won't trust him; 2) His campaign is not going to attack this president in any way the fashion he attacked his Conservative opponents in the fraudulent primary which to most Conservatives is a repeat of the 2008 campaign; and a 3rd party will result
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Back to the Future?

rushshambula Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 7:32 AM
Fight fire with fire; that's what we need to do Thomas; If we ever had a platform that would target the Socialist machine with the same legal precident we wouldn't have need for this conversation. Once president a Conservative could use the powers of " interstate commerce" to regultate non-profit & not for profit organization who trully do affect by way of propaganda and material support a whole host of matters from groups such as OWS, Sierra, ACLU,to NOW or PETA and take away any tax breaks they recieve
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