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Gun Debate Moving Forward: Filibuster Fails

Rush_And_Reagan_R_Right Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 1:30 PM
Done. I contacted my representatives and Senators and DEMANDED that they completely repeal the piece of dung 2nd Amendment. It should only be used for tiolet paper. Thanks for telling me to reach out to elected leaders.

The legislation to curb gun violence is now heading to the floor of the Senate for debate after there was a lot of talk of a potential filibuster from GOP senators. The Senate voted 68 to 31 to proceed with debate on the new legislation. This will be the beginning of what many believe will be a several week argument of what kind of action to take on gun control.

Sixteen Republicans joined with 52 Democrats to approve the motion to proceed to debate. And only two Democrats joined 29 Republicans opposing the motion.

“This bill won’t stop every...