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MittGoByeBye is a funny user name. Bravo!
Guns are for cowards, serial killers, and / or lunatics. 'Nuff said
"From each her ability, to each her need."
Australia implemented a very successful gun buyback to get AR-15s off the streets. It worked very well. We should follow suit here to get assault rifles off the streets. We could learn something from our friends Down Under.
Chris Christie is a RINO! In fact, he is responsible for Obama's re-election. Makes me sick!
I'm watching Candy Crowley on CNN this morning. It reminded me of the 2nd Debate when Mitt Romney completely blew it. That was cool wasn't it?? I love Candy!
You should come up with some of your own material bro....weak
Karl Rove is a stud. I love that guy. Now let's do away with the piece of dung 2nd Amendment.
Guns don't kill people.... The 2nd Amendment kills people.
Only two type of people own guns.... Serial killers & cowards
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