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Nobody has a God-given right to own a gun. Burn the 2nd Amendment! But everyone has a God-given right to enter this country to obtain freedom -- especially our friends directly to the south. Open the borders!
"We must pay homage to our President and Savior Barack Obama." -Jamie Foxx Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you Mr. Foxx. Thank you Mr. President. Barack Obama is our Savior and a historical figure just as important as Jesus himself.
I propose recarving Mt. Rushmore to add the following Presidential heroes -- Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter. Thoughts?
Obama has saved this country. He is a hero and our savior. Thank you Mr. Obama ... thank you, thank you, thank you!
I'm posting a sign on my front reading.... "Gun Free Zone -- Violators will be shot"
Obamacare rocks! It's good to see GOP governors finally embracing Obamacare and allowing their people to benefit.
Mitt will run in 2016 and will be the nominee again. I can't wait to see him get his little hinnie kicked once again in the General Election -- this time by a woman.
Real men don't need guns -- only cowards.
Last time I played paintball, my opponent got distracted when I nailed him with paint. He responded, "Wait, no fair, I wasn't ready."
I put a sign in my front yard over the weekend.... "Gun Free Zone"
MittGoByeBye is a funny user name. Bravo!
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