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I am shocked that most people commenting are in shock and awe with all the deception about the ACA. Ideologue's will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want because they know better that us mere mortals. So we have to suck it up and live with the end results and be quiet. Amen
As I recall this is what the GOP wanted to do as a stipulation to keep the government shutdown from happening and Reid and The Pres said never! Interesting it is that now that is exactly what they did. Seems like we really have pretty dumb people running this country don't we.
I think the admin is getting exactly what they wanted, government sponsored health insurance.
Mr Reid, sequestration was the presidents idea. By the way BILLIONS have been wasted on stupid things and you want more money. You are a joke.
Di we or don't we have the biggest bunch of idiots running this country that has ever existed. Circus clowns should be elected so while we are going down at least we can laugh.
Let the mandate stay!!! Then everyone will see how bad this law really is going to hurt, not help people. This will get this president and the Dems off the hook. I hope they are not stupid enough to pass this!
This law is bad for the people and only until the people realize the fact that it is bad will they reject it. So my plea is to let it go through with no opposition and when people start getting hurt that will end it, maybe for good.
I think that these people are missing the bigger picture. The people that chose to come here illegally are creating their own problems. There are legal ways to enter the USA with your families, millions have done it over the past 150 odd years. We don't need reform, just to apply the very fair laws already on the books. There are thousands of people in prisons while leaving their families on the outside to fend for themselves because they commit crimes. Just like elections have consequences so does breaking the law, a lesson many have not yet learned!
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