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Albert Mohler on "Duck Dynasty" Suspension: He's "Unquestionably Faithful to the Scripture"

ruffn3k Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 8:14 PM
Yeah it was pretty bad, had to pinch myself a few times, Greg Gutfeld kept insinuating that people can have "wrong views", apparently they've lost they've either lost their ability to speak clearly, or they're just pulling our chain when they refer to themselves as Christian. BTW, what would your adopted son being bi-racial have to do with his bad attitude? I have a half brother and sister, both mixed, never been an issue.

I appreciate CNN's intellectual honesty in bringing a strong Christian on their show to represent Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson. So far they've interviewed conservative talking heads who don't know how to argue from a strong Biblical worldview.

In short, Albert Mohler (president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) does an excellent job, most notably in pointing out that Phil himself put his sins in the same category as those who practice homosexuality: We all fall short of God's glory, of His perfect standard. No one is "good." We are are all in need of a Savior! But first...