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Yeah it was pretty bad, had to pinch myself a few times, Greg Gutfeld kept insinuating that people can have "wrong views", apparently they've lost they've either lost their ability to speak clearly, or they're just pulling our chain when they refer to themselves as Christian. BTW, what would your adopted son being bi-racial have to do with his bad attitude? I have a half brother and sister, both mixed, never been an issue.
Someone might wanna let "The Five" on FOX know, they misstated what Phil said, then insinuated that Christians "haven't caught up yet", wow, way to dismiss your entire base FOX.
Paul's letter to the Corinthians specifically corrected the newly created Church in Corinth about marrying "sons to their father's wife" as not condoned by Christ, so both homosexuality, incest, and adultery were the main forms of sexual immorality being dealt with at the time, as far as the Governor what he said was correct, if your going to use the excuse that two males who cannot have intercourse or procreate can be called a "marriage" and is somehow a civil right, then you have no defense against any two people marrying regardless of circumstances - incest, polygamy, group marriages, would all have to be legal as well, but go ahead and call us bigots Sarah, I'll take that over being a pervert and a hypocrite.
Please provide links to this scientific evidence, the only evidence so far is that by the Genome project we know people are not born with homosexuality, we also know that there are almost 100 other types of sexuality and with all of them combined they do not add up to the negative impact and dangers that result from homosexuality. Homosexuality itself is simply a form of masturbation as males cannot have intercourse, so they attempt to emulate natural male-female sexual activity which is where all the harm comes from. Since many other forms of sexuality are as well simply masterbation you would have to support those as well, in fact since incest, polygamy, and pedophilia have the functions to act out real intercourse [although not morally defensible] by law they should have far more relevance to marriage than homosexuality. So your either a pervert who supports any act that satisfies a person's sexual desires, or your a complete hypocrite because you only support one sexual abnormality, cry Equality, and then denounce all others.
Hmm lemme think real hard.... dont tell me I know this... oh yeah! Nazi's.. though these days the PC term is Liberals.
Exactly, its a small yellow plastic BB, you could shoot someone point blank and it wouldn't penetrate the skin, it was designed that way.
It must really hurt you that its true, the funniest part of the whole thing is that even with all the election fraud's, rich perverts stretching their pocketbooks, and liberal media showering the low info's with rhetoric and lies, Obama still only pulled a minor majority, its not hard to figure out that even though we as republicans did not fully support Romney, had the elections been fair, he would of wiped the floor with Obummer, sad isnt it.
gotta correct one point, if the 14th amendment protects homosexual rights then it would also pertain to all other sexuality's which it does not, and funny enough, those fighting for "equality" do not support either.
I think the defense has always been that recognizing God does not mean promoting any certain religion and therefore violates noone's rights.
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