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Do we really have to explain to you the dangers of Iran not only to Israel but to the U.S. as well? I guess liberals simply do not understand: friendship and allies, because they are too busy on their high horse, screwing each other.
Imagine, trailer trash in the White House, who would have thought?
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Obama's Speech Seen by 35.7 Million

RudyBoy Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 10:06 PM
Speech watched by 37.5 million. Speech BELIEVED by .7million.
Matthews' flimsy excuse is as sickening as he is. He is as useful as a screen door in a submarine.
Dear Julia, Please follow me on Twitter. Love, Bar-hack
You are correct. A lying putrid piece of debris.
Kindly stop with the nauseating Oba-mao videos. He is a lying putrid excuse for a human being
It just goes to show you the superior morality of Republicans over Democraps. Democraps stick together no matter how absurd the statement, the lie or the criminal act may be.
At least Missourians don't go to the dentist twice a year ... once for EACH tooth!
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