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Isn't Eric Holder in contempt now for Fast and Furious? Boy, that does a lot of good, doesn't it?
Let's take it a step back. Why are these convicted felons out on the street to begin with?
Zimbabwe, Argentina the Weimar Republic are pretty good recent examples of how this mess works out.
If spending doesn't come to an abrupt stop there will be no Social Security, there will be no Medicare and the government will be confiscating 401ks and IRAs - for the children.
Heh. 1 trillion dollar Bit coin.
Do you see a pattern here? The DHS fills up with pro-amnesty lawyers ahead of the amnesty "debate". Why do you think the defecrats, under Reid, went with the nuclear option (that they'd been against so fervently before)? So they could stack the courts with radical judges.
Roberts will step up to the plate if it gets to the Supremes.
The FBI files Hillary had from the 90s were getting a bit too dated. The defecrats needed an update on info they could blackmail the opposition with.
Heck no they don't have the guts. There's no way a bunch of mean old white guys are going to attack the first black president's attorney general.
Obama should be impeached for outing Seal Team 6. Had this been handled properly none of us and no one in Afghanistan or Pakistan (remember the doctor who ID'd Bin Laden who's in jail now because of the dog eater's big, fat, loose lips?) would have even known Bin Laden was dead.
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