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Yeah, about that "demographics is destiny" meme...I guess the Dems jumped the gun. Some genius in the party must've glanced at the 2010 US Census and realized 70+% white is still greater than 13% black and 30% brown.
Congrats to the pharmacist. He exhibited the two traits every patriotic American must possess...willingness and courage. God bless him and those like him.
Public employee unions should be declared ILLEGAL in the United States effective yesterday. It is beyond absurd public employees can vote in the politician most willing to raise the employee's pay, benefits, and pensions with taxpayer's personal money w/out giving the taxpayer a say in the matter. Even FDR, one of America's biggest liberals, was smart enough to know public unions would be a disaster. WAKE UP AMERICA!
How ANY American could willfully cast a vote for a Democrat candidate at ANY level of government, is shameful. These anti-American Marxists scumbags are the worst this country has to offer, and they should be rightly mocked continuously by traditional Americans.
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Substituted Morality

RtWgNt Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 2:18 AM
This entire ridiculous situation could be remedied with some common sense legislation. First, get rid of gov't involvement in marriage, i.e., no state marriage license required. A marriage is a religious ceremony performed by the couple's church. Also, in regards to wills or hospital visitation, etc., a person can leave their stuff to whoever they choose, regardless of relation, and the same with hospital visitation. Second, change the tax code by getting rid of the different filing categories; every person filing taxes files as an individual regardless of marital status. Also, get rid of the child tax credit; employees should be a flat tax rate on the income they earned...period, end of story. Lastly, follow the Constitution...and quit reading things in to it that aren't there, i.e., the "right" to kill a baby and the "right" to have sex with the same gender and call it "marriage." These are simple fixes the Congress could make tomorrow...but they won't...now the question is, why won't they?
This race hustling piece of trash is an absolute embarrassment to this once great country, and is about as "Christian" as Louis Farrakhan. I wonder how the Guilty White Liberals live with themselves for inflicting this bum on the country not once, but twice?
I love that Democrats are acting in this manner, it provides a clear choice to the American electorate. With ONLY the Democrats forcing Obamacare on America, with ONLY Democrats (1 GOP) upholding Obama's executive amnesty, and now this...Americans have never had a clearer choice between the two political parties.
Wait, didn't this POS occupying the people's house just lecture the GOP they cant just no?
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Hands Up, Don’t Lie

RtWgNt Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 1:17 PM
Blacks once again played the useful idiots for America-hating Democrat politicians and pundits to further their Marxist ideology and jihad against "the man." Barack Hussein Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson are a scourge on America, and the sooner they move along the better for the Republic.
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