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Here's to you and those like you...damn few left!
I served for 22 years ('88-'10), for me the reason for saying "no" would be b/c our "combat" units wouln't really be allowed to engage in actual "combat", i.e., killing every last MFer they confront. Instead, some DBs in the Pentagon would limit the scope with some asinine ROE, placing our combat troops in harm's way with no way to defend themselves. The other source for the "no" vote, I bet comes from the "new breed" of US soldier, i.e., the effeminate pay check collectors facilitated by the Democrats. These are the militant homosexuals, single mothers, and lastly those only "serving" their country for a paycheck and free education. If anyone thinks this group will ever resemble a US fighting force...they're delusional.
God bless you Mr. Bomberger; I truly hope the black community in America opens their eyes to the lies the Democrat party is selling them.
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BREAKING: Eric Holder to Resign

RtWgNt Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 11:15 AM
Let the eradication of this corrupt, racist regime begin!
The next GOP president should completely pardon Mr. D'Souza and restore his good name. God bless Mr. D'Souza and his tireless work to alert Americans of the threat to our republic.
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Marking The Anniversary…

RtWgNt Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 3:20 PM
Hmm, why would a president named Barack Hussein Obama, not be concerned about an Islamic threat? Hmm, what could be the reason?
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The President Is Not Checked Out

RtWgNt Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 2:30 PM
You're a day late and a dollar short Mr. Erickson...El Rushbo made this point over a week ago. Get your own material, and try to be original.
Generally speaking, the most ignorant race to ever walk upright.
The Five lineup should all stand up on live TV, grab their crotches and say, "we got your apology right here!"
These single women, like the ones in the picture are complete hypocrites. They wear ignorant shirts that say "my body", yet expect others to pay for their choices. As a registered Republican, I don't want our side to pander to these folks or any other "victim of the month" group the Democrats love. I think tough love is in order, let these fools keep voting for Democrats and when the goodies run out, like they inevitably will, maybe they'll wake up to reality.
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