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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

RtWgNt Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 1:16 PM
You gotta love progs, they always insist everything would golden, if only everyone would cooperate and go along with their policies. It's never about progs "working with" the other side, nope, the ONLY way things will work is if all parties accept and support prog policies and worldview.
Ditto, but like I said, America is about to see political/social ideology trump the US Constitution in Obama's America.
I wish I felt good about this ruling, but I'm afraid America is about to see what a prog "stacked" court in D.C. thinks about the rule of law. The boy king will be spared...again, and the gutless SCOTUS will refuse to hear the case...and all will be well in the prog utopia once known as America.
The ONLY way to get rid of the Dem-lite, RINO, establishment trash like Cochran, Boehner, McConnell, McCarthy, etc., etc., is to refuse to cast a vote for them if they're the GOP nominee in the general election. I understand we have been trained to vote for the most conservative during the primary and for the Republican in the general, but we keep getting stuck with junk. The ONLY way to get rid of junk is to throw it out, or in this case, let it die on election night. I know this might mean a Dem gets elected, but in reality, what's the difference? Purge the RINOs and elect true conservatives the first chance we get. Viva Tea Party 2014 and beyond!
The boy's BS statement that "these are private companies selling insurance...", is a complete joke, and not one reporter calls him on it. The reporter should push back with this statement, "Yes, they're private insurance companies, but they CAN NOT sell a policy unless it meets what?" Then wait for the boy to mumble and stumble, and then immediately fire back, "Unless they meet the Fed Gov't standards." So, the bottom line is D.C. is dictating what type policies the "private companies" can sell, hence the label, "gov't healthcare."
Disqus is already doing the Dem's bidding, by removing the down arrow vote totals on comments. The progs will NEVER admit it, but they know they're outnumbered and their ideology is toxic, and they will do ANYTHING necessary to squelch that reality so the public at large doesn't catch on.
What a punk. Hey Ohioans, please lance this boil off America's butt this November. If he survives and the GOP congress reinstates him as Speaker, they get what they tolerate.
Sen Sessions is the most outstanding senator in the GOP, and the senate...which is why the RINOs will unite against him ever being majority leader.
Right on, right on! Ann is spot on as usual; $uck each and every establishment, RINO, POS currying favor with the treasonous corporate CEOs willingly selling out their country.
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