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Piers Morgan Debates Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones on Gun Control

RtWgNt Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 1:41 AM
I listened to the interview, I didn't hear what Alex said that was "crazy." It's like people that don't liike Limbaugh or Levin, they spend their argument complaining about their delivery, but not disputing their points. As conservatives we need to quit the "genteel" schtick, and start forcefully responding to morons like Piers Morgan. I for one am sick and tired of watching inept, inarticulate, and skittish "conservatives" get their butts kicked during interviews with the liberal press. Governor Sununu, Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, Newt Gingrich, etc., these are people who know how to address liberal media. First know what the heck you're talking about, then don't allow the liberal to dictate the interview, and don't be afraid to...