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Dave Camp and the Charge of the Republican Light-Headed Brigade

RTUT24905 Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 9:22 PM
Mr. Hewitt, If you cannot tell me what you are talking about within the first two sentences, YOU are wasting my time. A entire first paragraph and you, a pro, did not say what they are going to waste their time on. Good Grief.

Political and policy fiasco alert: The GOP Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee is gearing up to waste the House Republican Majority's energy, time and political goodwill on a doomed-to-fail scheme that conservative realists know cannot emerge from Congress. The price of pursuing this strategy will be the loss of many good and necessary initiatives that could get done, initiatives that could unify and energize the voting public behind an expanded GOP House majority in 2014 and gains in the Senate as well. The consequence of this strategic blunder could be the loss of the House majority.

Everybody call...