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I have to Agree with Paul on this. Imagine if Obama could send you to the hospital/re-education camp if you did not agree with him. And, I believe that he really would do that if he could. So would Schumer, Harry Reid and the rest of those Fascists.
Hmmm. Then how do Democrats keep winning? I have never been able to swallow that logic, at all.
I am pretty sure liberal, fascist bigots do not have a clear understanding of bigotry since they displayed their bigotry by walking out. Fascism, the new fashion in the college class.
Gee, a democrat loisoinfinity not so max, has not one clue of our economic system, capitalism, and what obamacare does to the free market, insurance companies and their rates. Obamacare dictates everything to the insurance companies. Look up, Liberal Fascism, comrade. You think your are cute with your pssst but adults are laughing at you and your ignorance.
So I heard that the obama administration is pressing insurance companies to maintain current premiums and the administration promises to pay them for their losses with the taxpayer's money. The reporting on this subject sure runs the gammet.
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Poverty and Snow Storms

RTUT24905 Wrote: May 20, 2014 2:31 AM
So true. But the admonition of Common Sense and responsible parenting, even 'tough love' do not buy democrats the votes they need. And I am easily persuaded that white/caucasian democrats, particularly the democrat politicians truly believe black Americans are incapable of competing, that they are not of the mental capability of caucasians or Asians. In either case, democrats enforce a victimhood excuse mentality when society has tried very hard to give them an advantage.
Just the same as what Canada does, exactly.
Any democrat with a memory will recall that they have always been better off with conservatives prevailing. even those hooked on government largess.
Thank God in Heaven. That would be such good news, especially if we could get a decent man leading the House and not another 'player.'
I heard that Christ has friends in the KKK and the democrat party used that info to control him.
Townhall! Why do you not offer the ability to edit so we can correct a sentence?
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