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Says Bennie as he takes his seat on the porch of the White house.
Boehner seems to be mentally unstable (the Crying) and barely coherent in thought and action. The most embarrassing thing about his actions and position is that other republicans voted him their leader.
Progressives, who are Fascists, want a living, breathing constitution. And what that really means is no constitution at all. They want a baseball game they can rig so they always win by changing the rules as many times they want during the game. They are the worst of the worst of people.
This sorry excuse for a judge who took an oath to protect and enforce the constitution has been at war with both the first and second amendments, limiting political expression and disarming our vulnerable citizens. This fascist does not have to worry about thugs kicking down his door and having his family murdered and he has no conscience about the proven damage his ideology has produced. He is a thuggish moron.
Well, under those circumstances, folks who say one thing and do another, most democrat organizations, like the folks at ACORN and it's reincarnations, should be defending themselves in court right now. Is that happening?
The totally corrupt obama justice department won't do a thing. They are possibly more like a Putin administration than Putin in internal matters.
Democrats, if they had this kind of info on Republicans, would have the media on hyper reporting and republicans looking at jail time. What-up, Issa? Get it a mov'n on!
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What Principles Rule the GOP?

RTUT24905 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 1:08 AM
I love your articles and books, Sir!
I vote this as the best article title ever.
Fine, Jeb, but stop giving them the ability to motor vote, suck off our welfare and out healthcare system. But that is not what will happen so I don't give a C_ _ P what they are doing it for. Just stop it. Also, I feel pretty certain that all you want it their vote and that you are a constitutional sell-out, just like all democrats.
I think it is a good idea that they wear gloves but even then I have seen food preparers do some nasty stuff and not change gloves.
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