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Why Healthcare costs went up: 1. when people or politicians demanded more things be covered on 'every' policy, like chiropractics, drug rehab, and probably a hundred other things. 2. When health insurance, particularly through employers, became the norm. Those are deeper pockets. It took the writing of a check to a doctor away from you and, with that, the immediate shock and awe of cost increases. The exact same thing happened when the government got into the student loan business, college costs rocketed. 3. The cost politicians and their road blocks to getting new medicines on the market. 4. The law suit generation after generation. The balance of your questions can be answered with one word: Democrats
That is the best liberals have, applying inane judgments and name calling, then stand back and pat themselves on the back. It kind of takes me back to my grade school days.... well, maybe a bit before that.
Perfect, the same supreme court that said Obamacare is constitutional. The liberal side of the supreme court, years ago, agreed that slavery was constitutional. Democrats inserted into the supreme court have been the worst thing that has ever happened to our country and our constitution.
Judges have taken over and crushed our representative republic and not one federal or state politician has the fortitude to take on these fascists, left wing anti Americans, anti constitutional frogs.
I have been wondering if Europe was following Obama's lead and giving up without a shot being fired.
Obama would execute people like N. Korea's Un if he could he is such a hateful person toward real America. And he will screw over everyone to get his way, even if it is destructive to everyone.
There is nothing conservative about Boehner and his henchmen. The only thing conservative is their rhetoric. Their actions are liberal and cowardly and unethical. Boehner and his henchmen will take down the republican party and, sooner than later, he will be responsible for another 45 year republican drought. And Boehner and his liberal cohorts won't care a bit because they have their wealth, healthcare, huge pensions, etc. whether they win or lose. Notice that house democrats preferred Boehner to any other person running. That is because Boehner is a sell out and they need him to pass their agenda while they are in the minority. That is how the democrat fascists win, even when they have lost.
republicans are great at empty promises. I sure would be thrilled if they actually did something that took guts, like gut Obamacare
Waste of time, I think.
The only way Rand Paul could possibly tweet those questions to Rubio with a straight faced is if he has no idea why the embargo was put in place. Obama's action, typical I am smarter than you fools and I am going to reverse policy, is in my opinion a hope to solidify something positive attached to him in the history books. He forgets that 20 years down the road writers of history will not care so much about the color of his skin and begin to reflect upon his lack of character, a sense of history, and a lack of common sense.
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