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Hey, Paul, Republicans did not force a government shutdown. A self centered, arrogant, self righteous socialist president did. Republicans did their job and the democrat president said, I don't care if you are doing your job representing the voters and the country, writing budgets. It is going to be my way or the highway, and if you do not toe My line the media will do my bidding and bury you.
I think that is absolutely correct, that Obama is making the case that Bush's actions were long needed (Even Clinton was of the same mind). The unfortunate thing is that Obama is doing it in possibly the most tragic, and life costly way possible. Will the lives lost equal the quantity lost due to Ted Kennedy's insane actions at the closing of the Vietnam war? It sure could.
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Western Anti-Semitism

RTUT24905 Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 2:53 AM
Fascism and Anti Semitism was never defeated as we may have thought. It is back and even resides in the office of the President of the United States. The Hamassholes could stop the accidental and purposeful deaths of their children by Israeli rockets by 1. stopping their unwarranted rocket attacks. 2. Stop teaching their children that Jews are sub-human. 3. Stop strapping bombs on their children. 4. Respect life instead of death.
They won't do the right thing, demand closing the border like the majority of Americans support.
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Obama: I'll Fix Immigration Alone

RTUT24905 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 7:48 PM
I will fix it alone says the Fascist. Interestingly, today there was a series of 60 min. segments, Nazis: Evolution of Evil on the AHC station, Comcast. There sure are some similarities to this Obama character, and I assume most know that the Nazi's were Socialists at the core. Hitler's every working day was consumed by crafting an environment where he could 'go it alone.' Cheers.
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Thad Cochran's Voting-Rights Victory

RTUT24905 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 1:53 AM
Conservatives have a higher standard (compared to No Standards of the democrat party) as George HW Bush found out. The republican party leadership will find out soon enough.
This does not sound like anything but another diversion by el presidente. He is not going to ship anyone back without a voter registration card in one hand and and a welfare check in the other.
And you must be another democrat Fascist unable to concentrate long enough to read statistics about gun restrictions. Cheers.
I have to Agree with Paul on this. Imagine if Obama could send you to the hospital/re-education camp if you did not agree with him. And, I believe that he really would do that if he could. So would Schumer, Harry Reid and the rest of those Fascists.
Hmmm. Then how do Democrats keep winning? I have never been able to swallow that logic, at all.
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