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Liberals Are Often Wrong, But Rarely Evil

rtrout Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 5:07 PM
Yes, most of them are evil! They label anyone with common sense and wanting everyone to pull their own weight in society or balance the budget, wanting ID's for voting as uncaring, racist and wanting to push Grandma off the cliff. That's not evil? Every Republican in office, unless they have already disproved it, is stupid or wanting peace through strength as a warmonger or cowboy.
To be "Black" is to be "Anti-White" and tow the Democrat line in their thinking and their voting. And some are scorned when they're successful if they marry white women. They screamed "Racism" so loud when Ross Perot said "You people" because they're the same as everybody else (When it's to their advantage) but they have to behave "Black" even when they're successful or they're to be scorned by the Black community.
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Why Republicans Don't Get It

rtrout Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 11:09 AM
What the Republicans don't get anymore is that the closer we are to an America the Democrats want is the closer we are to Communism--WHICH WILL NOT WORK! When they compromise with Democrats, America loses. When Regan compromised with Democrats on amnesty, Democrats won, America lost. When GW Bush went to war like a Republican and fought it like a Democrat, America lost. Republicans are like a victim of domestic violence, every time they try to do things that will put America on the right track, the Democrats/Socialists/Communists/Journalists pummel them with cries of racism, sexism, etc. Democrats can have faults (Clinton-Obama) the press will leave them alone and the Sheeples that vote for them don't care. When Republicans have faults, Republican voters call for them to resign and won't stand for it.
And the real crime is that the press got away with putting out the story that Sarah Palin was too stupid to be vice president!
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5 Hypocritical Pro-abortion Celebrities

rtrout Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 4:29 PM
6. Rosie O'Donnel---When she got to adopt somebody's baby, WHO HADN'T BEEN ABORTED---She exclaimed about the "MIRACLE OF BIRTH"--Never heard anyone talk about the miracle of abortion!
When these people testify in front of Congress (Clinton, Holder, etc.) and say, "I accept full responsibility for" the congressperson in charge of the hearing should immediately say, "I accept your resignation"
Anytime the govt gets involved, they create a false economy by subsidizing something or making it cost more.
The U.S. Govt has so many subsidies, hand outs, tax breaks, govt job--it's tentacles are into everything--so everything is political now :(
Sadly Church attendance and participation has fallen dramatically over the years. That's why the Catholic Church is so hardcore for amnesty for Hispanics--They're Catholic! Most self serving for a religion if I do say so myself.
Totally false story. I haven't heard Putin blame it on Bush! lol
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