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And the real crime is that the press got away with putting out the story that Sarah Palin was too stupid to be vice president!
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5 Hypocritical Pro-abortion Celebrities

rtrout Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 4:29 PM
6. Rosie O'Donnel---When she got to adopt somebody's baby, WHO HADN'T BEEN ABORTED---She exclaimed about the "MIRACLE OF BIRTH"--Never heard anyone talk about the miracle of abortion!
When these people testify in front of Congress (Clinton, Holder, etc.) and say, "I accept full responsibility for" the congressperson in charge of the hearing should immediately say, "I accept your resignation"
Anytime the govt gets involved, they create a false economy by subsidizing something or making it cost more.
The U.S. Govt has so many subsidies, hand outs, tax breaks, govt job--it's tentacles are into everything--so everything is political now :(
Sadly Church attendance and participation has fallen dramatically over the years. That's why the Catholic Church is so hardcore for amnesty for Hispanics--They're Catholic! Most self serving for a religion if I do say so myself.
Totally false story. I haven't heard Putin blame it on Bush! lol
Dragging him down? Does that mean it's affecting his golf score? Don Cheedle says he cheats at golf, he just has to lie a little more on his scorecard, no problem.
We are a nation on the dole! We are addicted to to getting "free" money for our cities, for our counties, for our states- From other tax payers. Politicians run for the camera when our own money is sent to a local project and claim responsibility. And we re-elect them based on what tax breaks or money gets sent to our town. Like a hard core drug addict, nothing will change until we hit rock bottom. Collapse of the monetary system through out of control inflation or other catastrophe is the only thing that will change it.
He has seniority so he gets choice of assignments which is a very big advantage. But RINO's like him still need to go.
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