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Totally false story. I haven't heard Putin blame it on Bush! lol
Dragging him down? Does that mean it's affecting his golf score? Don Cheedle says he cheats at golf, he just has to lie a little more on his scorecard, no problem.
We are a nation on the dole! We are addicted to to getting "free" money for our cities, for our counties, for our states- From other tax payers. Politicians run for the camera when our own money is sent to a local project and claim responsibility. And we re-elect them based on what tax breaks or money gets sent to our town. Like a hard core drug addict, nothing will change until we hit rock bottom. Collapse of the monetary system through out of control inflation or other catastrophe is the only thing that will change it.
He has seniority so he gets choice of assignments which is a very big advantage. But RINO's like him still need to go.
Why did anyone think he was ever competent? He was a community organizer! Does it really take any brains to go into the inner city and rile up the Black population against "The Man"?
So he broke the law, SO WHAT? Democrats in Congress don't care. Democrats don't care. The Democratic press doesn't care. Harry Reid and the Black Congressmen and women have his back and will scream racist to any charges and Republicans in Congress are as feckless as Obama's foreign policy lest they be called racist or fear upsetting the apple cart that is re-election for them.
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Veterans Give Their Take On VA Scandal

rtrout Wrote: May 31, 2014 11:38 AM
What's not being talked about is that, while they're giving more benefits and health care to non-veterans, they're cutting back on VA medical benefits. Cutting access , fewer doctors, limiting the number of conditions you can talk to the doctor (if you get to see a doctor) and restricting your access to the VA to your one yearly visit.
Replace him with "Bagdad Bob" he's more credible and more likeable.
It doesn't matter what any Republican says, the press is going to jump on them to make them look racist, hate women or are just plain stupid (Compare Biden's press vs Palin) The right thing to do is make a statement, then stand behind it, attack the left while you're getting the press. No one takes them on. The Republicans decry the "Be nice to them and they'll be nice to you" tactic Democrats use against terrorists, then follow the same tactic against Democrats!
Every military man gets 2 chances to sacrifice his life for his country, first in their military service and then again at the VA.
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