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Why the Amnesty Lobby is Freaking Out

rtrout Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 6:10 PM
Not to worry, they'll all get a blanket amnesty for any crimes they've committed so they'll all be eligible for citizenship after the 2016 election and before he leaves office. He'll probably use his pen to try and make them all citizens after he's a lame duck. Then Democrats will win all the elections. Until they start paying taxes and realize they were better off not being citizens.
He spilled the beans! the Democrats/liberals/Communists aren't against water boarding, as long as they're doing it to Republicans/conservatives/patriots.
It's definitely a Success, no doubt about it. Successful for the small group who made a billion for the setup. Successful for the people who wrote the computer program all the doctors have to have to bill. Successful for the people who get paid enormous sums for training the people that have to use the program. Successful for the politicians who got enormous bribes, I mean campaign contributions from the people who raped the taxpayers for the billions. And any other of the hogs feeding at the trough.
Good at lobbying? You're showing your ignorance which lessens the credibility of the rest of your article. Harry Reid's son got 100.000.00 to get tribe status awarded so they could open a casino. That's bribery! As is most "effective lobbying"
Indians have had Obamacare (Gov't) for decades. Their motto? "Don't get sick past July" because it runs out of money and they have to wait for January to get money again. Then everyone runs to the doctor to get care and it runs out again by July.
What all these Democrat protesters are really saying is "All our politicians are corrupt and can be bought" and they're right. But at least we can see who is giving money and vote against those we don't like, it's actually an easier way to see what your candidate stands for. If the KKK or Communist party is donating money to a politician, you know who to vote against
Taxation with representation doesn't seem to be that great lately!
Jeb can't be elected to a national office because 1. He is a Bush 2. He's half Democrat. 3. He's a Bush 4. He's not smart enough to realize that all of his brother's mistakes were because he was half Democrat. (He went to war like a Republican, but fought it like a Democrat) 5. He's a Bush
We're raping Mexico society by allowing all the illegals to stay in the country. There are many places where they do not have a single man in their town between the ages of 14-30.
Iowa thought they were going to reap the benefits of gay marriage from them flocking from other states because they did it fairly early. Didn't happen. Despite the outcry, most gays don't want to get married. I even know gay men who don't thing they should be allowed to marry. States with "Common law marriage" (like Iowa) might shaft some gays who have been living together for 8 years. Surprise! Gays, you're married and they own half your stuff. LOL
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