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Well, it was either that or give them Obamacare!
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The Myth of Health CARE Cost Transparency!

rtrkut Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 9:30 AM
American Indians get free healthcare on the reservations. Their motto? "Don't get sick past July!" Because their healthcare budget runs out of money then. Of course when January comes, they all run to the doctor to get needed care, which in turn, runs them out of money by July again.
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Republicans and Blacks

rtrkut Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 9:26 AM
The question is "Why don't Blacks and other minorities realize Democratic/Socialist/Communist policies are bad for them and the country?"
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Is Putin the Irrational One?

rtrkut Wrote: Mar 18, 2014 5:59 PM
President Obama won't even obide by The Constitution, which he has sworn to obey. How can he tell Putin to obide by International law and treaties???
If he wasn't a liberal, they wouldn't let him on MSNBC. He just happens to be a liberal telling the truth, so Liberals think he's a Conservative, they're not used to Democrats or Liberals telling the truth. She's feining ignorance of the stock market. She shouldn't be in Congress passing bills that affect the stock market without understanding the stock market. Of course she understands, she's just lying to gloss over the fact that the insurance companies are raking it in with glee because of Obamacare, trying to put out spin(lies) to make the Democrats the savior, even though they're the problem.
Why isn't anybody bringing up all the other promises he made for the ACA? Like it won't raise your taxes a dime. It won't be solvent even if he reaches 8 million.
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Jane Fonda, Sex Guru for Teenagers?

rtrkut Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 7:10 PM
I don't think she ever spit on troops but she did worse giving the enemy moral support and sitting on anti-aircraft guns that shot at our planes.while we were still at war and North Vietnam treated her like a hero. She's a traitor and I can never forget or forgive her for that. I had too many friends that died at the hands of North Vietnamese. Your Democratic hero John Kennedy started our involvement and your fellow liberal Lyndon Johnson escalated the war there. Of course liberals and Democrats adore traitors so I don't expect it to bother you.
Why is this author so dumb? They don't care if it works or not! They can cling to the false claims they're trying to help society while generating a new source of tax dollars and it's hidden into the cost of the purchase, so people will forget about it shortly after it's passed. They always want more money to bribe their voters and pay off their contributors.
From what I understand, approx. 5 trillion of our national debt is financed by this at 1%. Normal is 4%. If it only "tapers" to 2% it will be like borrowing double. Or if they have to refinance the 5 at 2% it would be like owing 21 trillion.
I love this guy! Where has he been??
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