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Hate to stereotype but Putin doesn't have good grasp of Americans relying on a Black man to save him from drowning. LOL Basketball is his forte.
Are you kidding??? The complaints to Congressmen and Senators are endless. It's like the difference between Bush 41 and Obama. 41 lied about raising taxes so they could repeat that endlessly. Obama has lied and screwed up so many times all you hear about is the latest, for a while, then there's the next lie or screw up so everybody forgets about the old ones.
Somebody finally brings up what a disaster Govt Healthcare is for American Indians? They did a PBS special on this 20 years ago! I've been complaining for years that no Republican even brought this up to show how bad govt healthcare is! When the govt budget runs out of money it's out of money. When an Insurance company goes over budget, they make less profit. When no one can get healthcare after June, everybody runs to the doctors in January and tries to get everything they can, running the budget out by June again.
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What Race Preferences Hide

rtrkut Wrote: Apr 25, 2014 10:23 AM
Not only that, Michael Jordan's son would have preference over yours. I lived this life. I grew up poor and went to the same schools as the blacks and hispanics. Yet when I took tests for jobs, these same minorities, in the same classes I was in, were given preferences over me on their test scores. I lost out on at least 20 apprenticeships and never got one because, even though they scored much lower on the tests that I did, they got the apprenticeship.
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Obama's Make Up Sex with Russia

rtrkut Wrote: Apr 25, 2014 10:11 AM
Any money we give Ukraine will end up in Putin's wallet in a couple of months anyway, after he takes over all of Ukraine.
You forgot to add cough syrup. The black highway shooter was found partly because some women reported his wearing a hoodie (in hot weather). Hey, Al Sharpton, Bobby Rush (and all you other race baiters) where's your protest about racial profiling because he was wearing a hoodie????
No surprise! Over the decades, the government has continually cut back VA medical benefits little by little while giving more and more away to freeloaders and others who vote Democratic. As veterans get older, injuries that they suffered in service to their country show up and get worse and worse as they age. They cannot get medical attention for these unless they "qualify" and it's almost impossible to link them to minor injuries they received in the military because the VA doesn't want to have to pay for them.
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The Troubles with Common Core

rtrkut Wrote: Apr 21, 2014 4:30 PM
The real problem with Common Core? The government set it up!
Even my VA has changed. They gave me a form with room for 3 problems to write down and stating "you will be limited to 20 min" at my last appt.
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