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If enough of the people cared enough to stand against what the WH is doing, they would be able to stop it. The ugly reality is that almost half of America supports Obama's brand of socialism, the redistribution of wealth from those who make to those who take. The Dims have become experts at class warfare, convincing those without that those with "took" it from them, so "vote for me and and I'll bring fairness back to politics"... Half of the country is receiving taxpayer money in the form of government benefits, and the Dims complain that more people aren't on the dole. No, the people are increasingly siding with the pols who promise to take care of them if they will just vote "the right way". The country is divided and this will only get worse - at some point, those that are paying the bills will resent having the government steal even more of their earnings. When that happens, all the ammo the government has been buying will be used against the citizens whop refuse to comply... But it won't be a one-sided fight, I assure you.
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Liberals Feel Crush of Obamacare

rtownsend Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 2:00 PM
It is the best healthcare system in the world. Every time some two-bit dictator gets the bad diagnosis, where do they come for treatment? Fixing the problems involves things like tort reform, not creating yet another government monstrosity that will under perform and over charge. That said, it is funny to listen to libs scream about the cost. They were naive enough to actually think it would be at no cost or that the mean, greedy, rich Republicans would be paying the bill... Welcome to Comrade Obama's world - not quite what he promised, huh?
What this really is all about is, for the first time, Republicans aren't giving in. Traditionally, whenever Republicans would make noise about fighting with Dems, the Dems would throw up some minority (racism, dontchaknow) or some pitiful, sad case (to evoke sympathy) and the Republicans would fold. Well, not this time. The Dems have overplayed their hand (picking on WWII vets, really?) and the majority of the country is either apathetic about the "partial government shutdown" (it was a "government shutdown" in the MSM before it happened, remember?) or support the idea of less government. The longer this goes on, the better for the Republicans, as the utter irrelevancy of the federal government in the lives of most of America becomes clear.
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