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With all due respect, KA is in the state it is because the voters want it that way. It isn't the fault of the GOP at all - the voters have embraced the leftist, nazi-environmentalistic platform that promises nirvana but doesn't mention either the cost or the fact that this has always failed wherever it's been tried. Debt approaching record levels for any state in history? Major industries/employers relocating out of the very state where their businesses began? More cities/counties either in bankruptcy or facing it than any other state? More pols in jail/indicted/convicted than any other state (all from the D party, BTW)? DOES. NOT. MATTER. These people continue to pull the "D" lever, and will until the state fails financially.
Reeks of desperation from Obama. 6 years into his Presidency and there's precious little "recovery" to speak of ,despite the $11,000,000,000,000 in new debt racked up by King Barry. What else can he do but support a rise in the minimum wage? Government is terrible at creating jobs (as we've seen since BO has held court), but ruthlessly efficient at killing them through taxation and regulation, both of which have increased under the Obama reign. Unions are on life support and the prognosis isn't good....
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After Them, the Deluge

rtownsend Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 12:27 PM
Retired military members get 50% of their best year's wages after 20 years, 75% after 30. NOT A SINGLE "PUBLIC SERVANT" deserves more. I don't want to hear about "negotiation" with unions - the pols sold us out for campaign $ and votes. The good news is the financial train wreck is coming that will force the issue to be dealt with. The union's answer is always the same: Raise taxes. In reality, the Detroit solution is the approved answer. No more pensions exceeding the paycheck they received while actually working. THEY DON'T DESERVE IT.
Very quickly, you will see anonymity by the "law enforcement officials". Most of them already hide their identities when doing the King's dirty work. God forbid it comes to what you describe, but it very well may. There is a corps of Americans that will fight just as strongly to defend the same thing the government is trying to take away. Too close to call.... but blood will be spilled on both sides. It is IMPERATIVE juries refuse to convict on any charge leveled against those that fight (including murder). Should that happen, the government will take off the mask of civility and fealty to the Constitution - then you know the fight is on.
Do you really think Dims care at all how much any government program costs (with the exception of the military, then it's "government austerity" full-force)? If a government program results in more people being dependent upon the federal government in any way, pols support it, party affiliation is irrelevant. Remember, the first responsibility of every parasitic member of Congress (redundant) is to keep their job - every action they take is calculated to achieve that goal.
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50% Tax Rates Are Here

rtownsend Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 3:39 PM
Look at the population shift in many of those states - in Kalifornia, they're losing high income earners but attracting the takers in droves.... In time, states like this will reap what they are sowing...
Unfortunately, there is absolutely NOTHING that would make CA voters turn from their slavish devotion to leftist causes. NOTHING. This state is lost. These people would willing ride the boat over the waterfall if it had a "D" on the side. CoveredCA is instructive as to the future of big government, but not here: The voters in this state have decided to support the likes of Brown NO MATTER WHAT.
AS head of the Executive Branch, Obama is charged with enforcing the laws, it's part of his Oath of Office. When the person with primary responsibility not only doesn't do the job, but actively breaks the law (and that's EXACTLY what he's done), unless Congress acts to imprach and remove him from office, he gets away with it. The Senate will NEVER vote to remove him from office, so the lawlessness coming from the presidency will, indeed, go unpunished. Remember that the next time he lectures us on "We are a nation of laws". Decisions have consequences.
Brilliant. These kids think they're mad now? Wait until (some of them, at least) they get a real job and face the taxes the libs have imposed to pay for the spending we warned them about. You can blame the older generations all you want, but you'll pay regardless.
If enough of the people cared enough to stand against what the WH is doing, they would be able to stop it. The ugly reality is that almost half of America supports Obama's brand of socialism, the redistribution of wealth from those who make to those who take. The Dims have become experts at class warfare, convincing those without that those with "took" it from them, so "vote for me and and I'll bring fairness back to politics"... Half of the country is receiving taxpayer money in the form of government benefits, and the Dims complain that more people aren't on the dole. No, the people are increasingly siding with the pols who promise to take care of them if they will just vote "the right way". The country is divided and this will only get worse - at some point, those that are paying the bills will resent having the government steal even more of their earnings. When that happens, all the ammo the government has been buying will be used against the citizens whop refuse to comply... But it won't be a one-sided fight, I assure you.
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