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If Russia doesn't want Alaska, offer it to China. At least China cares about economic growth. I've been thinking of moving to Anchorage, anyway.
Better: Plant snipers on every rooftop to make everyone dodge and run to avoid getting shot when they go out on the street.
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10 Birthday Presents For Our President

rtomato Wrote: Aug 04, 2013 10:14 AM
Give him a copy of the Constitution. Just make sure it's not written in cursive.
"Gave Deceptive Testimony" He LIED, dammit. Just say it.
Yeah, those indepedents, whatever they are, are fickle.
"The problem that we will be seeing is not necessarily the reporters’ fear of the Justice Department, but it’s that many sources could now be scared off." Well, that was the point, wasn't it?
They should have declared that area of Boston to be a bomb-free zone. That would have prevented this.
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Operating Inside a House With an AR-15

rtomato Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 9:24 AM
Okay, terminology snobs, you're too late. "Clip" is already in common usage as a magazine. From Merriam Webster's: Definition of CLIP 1 : any of various devices that grip, clasp, or hook 2 : a device to hold cartridges for charging the magazines of some rifles; ******also : a magazine from which ammunition is fed into the chamber of a firearm******
Jeez Louise, I can't believe how anal some of you people can be about saying "clip" instead of "magazine". I just watched an '80s movie where one cop said to another, "Did you hit him? I see you expended a clip (pointing to empty magazine on the ground)." Guess what? I know the difference, yet I understood what he meant. Imagine you're in a firefight with your buddy. In a panic, you forget yourself and say to your buddy, "I'm out! Throw me a clip!" Do you want your buddy to: 1. Look at you puzzled and say, "Why do you need a clip?" 2. Lecture you about the difference between "clip" and "magazine". 3. Toss you a magazine, because he knew perfectly well what you meant. Get over yourselves. It's not such a big deal.
Yeah, yeah, we know it's supposed to be "magazines", but you people who harp on this are getting to be as annoying as grammar Nazis. Characters in movies constantly refer to magazines as clips. Sooner or later elitists are going to have to come to terms with the fact that common usage will make the terms interchangeable.
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