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But it don't be racial profiling fo dem to wear no white hoodie while stabbing white folk!
Now that takes gall, and a pretty insurmountable lack of sense! Obama needs to fire her, and we need to fire Obama!
But Obamacare is not designed to succeed. The penalty is more feasible than the costs of inusrance. It is not going to work, because no one will be able to afford the insurance offered by the exchanges. It is being seen time and time again, by those who have managed to get through on Obamacare's brokeass 600 million dollar website. Therefore, it will defeat itself, and the 5,000 new IRS employees, will in fact be 15,000, with the specific purpose of collecting the penalty from those who refuse to participate. And, while I may not legitimately be entitled to the title, you bet your sweet_ass Jim, I will be the first to boycott Obamacare. It was a ridiculous plan from the beginning, we were told it was a ridiculous plan before anyone had even attempted to read all of it, it is still a ridiculous plan. It will break this country if implemented.
Liberals have no common sense. It always amazes me how damm many liberals there are in the world too. Had to be a liberal ATF Agent, a liberal prosecuting attorney, a liberal judge to allow the search warrant... The list goes on! Utterly ridiculous!!
By law, private transfer of a handgun, between residents of 2 different states, must be conducted through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer. The recipient of the firearm cannot take possession of the firearm outside his state of residence. Family member or not. Therefore, this transfer was conducted in accordance with the law and there really isn't a case here. Had they transferred the weapon without the proper paperwork, then there may have been an issue, but at this point the only issue is trying to deprive two law abiding citizens of their right to own a gun.
Maybe if we all demand a formal retraction, CNN will try to get their facts straight and let Piers report about how he blew that story like a wore coaches whistle before a big game. What a pompous, pious, egotistical a$$!! He needs to be deported from this country, duct tape him, toss him in a box, and send him back to England!!
Gee Piers old chap.... I guess the FBI shot your "fact" in the @ss. Not only did he not legally purchase an assault rifle, there was no assault weapon used in this shooting. If there is a problem here it is with the failure of the Background Check Program. Aaron Alexis has undergone 3 background checks in the last month, and NOT ONE OF THEM gave any indication of the 3 violent crimes Aaron Alexis had been arrested for. Not one of them gave any indication of the mental instability Aaron Alexis has suffered from for over a decade, and was made record of by police in 2004. If any of those charges had been formally filed, Aaron Alexis would not have been allowed in the Navy, would not have maintained his security clearance, would not have been on the Naval Yard, would not have been allowed to buy the shotgun he purchased 2 days before this shooting. Had the Navy not negotiated an Honorable Discharge, rather than the General Discharge that Aaron Alexis was due, he would not have had the security clearance to be in the Naval Yard. It was not the gun's fault, the system failed in every respect in this shooting. Background Checks do not work when the system is broken. Go back to England Piers, and take your pompous blow hard anti gun politics with you!
You are all to intelligent to blindly follow when the government tells the TSA to take up arms against the citizens of this country. They are afraid of you.
And, before the dust has settled, Obama, and Feinstein, and the Government Doctors were talking about the necessity to ban "Assault Rifles" when in fact one was not used. How foolish they must feel since the FBI has released the report to that effect. One might also wonder how foolish they feel suggesting Universal Background Checks are going to curb Gun Violence, when Aaron Alexis had undergone 3 background checks in the last month, and NONE OF THEM raised a flag anywhere. Geee! What happened to criminal records showing up? Three arrests for violence, two for violence with a gun, not one formal charge ever brought?? Mention of having Aaron Alexis having Anger Management issues as far back as 2004 were formally noted in the investigation of his shooting a construction worker's tires out, but no formal charge was ever brought??? Had he been charged, he wouldn't have been allowed in the Navy, he wouldn't have been given the security clearance, he wouldn't have been in the Naval Yard. He couldn't have legally purchased the shotgun. And, then we run into the Navy negotiating his Honorable Discharge over numerous disciplinary issues, not the least of which was the last arrest for a violent crime. Had he been given the General Discharge he probably deserved, his security clearance would have been gone, he wouldn't have been working in the Naval Yard. No.... If the government was truly doing their job, Aaron Alexis wouldn't have passed 3 Background Checks in the last month, allowing him access to the Naval Yard and allowing him to legally purchase a firearm. So if their is ANY REFORM that needs to be made, it certainly isn't to existing gun laws. The reform needs to be made in government, beginning at the top.
Seems to me the Republican voters faced the same obstacles the Democrat voters did in this election, I fail to see how Ms. Giron's comments hold water unless she's suggesting the Democrat voters were too ignorant to find the polls, while Republican voters did. Obviously Ms. Giron is ignoring the fact that 20% of the signatures on the recall petitions were registered Democrats. That however is not the least bit surprising, as she totally ignored the fact that the state legislature belongs to the people, not the morons elected to fill the seats there, and if 200 people show up to speak at a hearing on a matter, any matter, then you damm well should show them the respect due them, and listen to them speak. If 25 elected Sheriffs show up to speak at a hearing on a matter, any matter, you damm well should show them the respect due them as well, and listen to them all, not just one of them. If you want to act like an elitist moron, and not listen to any of them, and vote what outsiders in the Democrat party and Michael Bloomberg demand you vote, to make a good show of their agenda, then don't act surprised, and don't blame it on voter suppression when the people remove you from the legislature!!
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