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Unemployment Climbs Up to 7.6 Percent

rthiebeau Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 10:15 AM
If we don't have people stop looking every report increase the numbers would be horrible. That's some fuzzy math. Unemployment doesn't count for those that can't find a job?
I would agree.
We wont pass it if its over 900bil. Then its 1.6trillion. Then its 3trillion, then we must give it more money to keep it afloat. Go back to your original statement....
If nobody lied: Where are the Medals of Honor? The brave men fought their way in "The Only Gate" with reported 100+ insurgents. Found the trapped personnel and realized they couldn't hold the position. Fought their way back out "The Only Gate" with reported 100+ insurgents. and then lasered targets that ended up killing them because nothing followed up the laser.
When "certain" States failed to turn in their numbers before the election we knew what was going on. When it was pointed out a TAX of the 1% would drop 1% on growth, they decided to do it anyway and here we are. When they decide to TAX the rest of us while taking in Record Revenue and we drop another 1% we will again say 'we knew. When we repeat the housing bubble and it has the same results.. thats when you see pain and suffering.
2013: Highest Revenue 'Take' by the United States Government ever... repeat after me: It is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem.
Those are some very simple and very good points. Jimmy had his issues but he "Meant" well.
Please tell us: What percentage considering its proven the 40% number is not only wrong its extremely old before the current law went into affect.
The Administration KNOWS this and never lets the facts get in the way of good propaganda... If you have to lie to achieve your goals its worth it.
apparently a few people posting here went through the class before it could be shut down.
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