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Angie, you are so soaked with right wing propaganda and platitudes that I suspect you get ripped off by hustlers on a daily basis.
I'm sure if agenda-free Arthur C, Brooks said it it has to be true.
Remember when Bush sent 100,000 Americans to die in Iraq for WMDs that never existed because he wanted to play soldier? If we're going to dig into the past let's go all the way.
I'll tell you what. In exchange for allowing women full control and power over their bodies, women will not charge American taxpayers for any of the unforeseen results. In other words, women can be free to make their own choices about reproduction, and taxpayers won't have to cough up for the care of unwanted, abused, and sick babies.
How stupid do you have to be to think I meant that statement literally? YOu obviously don't read much.
As for mammograms, I know you conservatives think they are free and any woman can obtain them, because that is part of your personal bubble.
Because the Teaparty right wing is the model of truth, honor, and integrity. Just ask Herman Cain.
No one knows, since most rapes don't become public.
This thread was based on a lie, and had nowhere to go but down.
And, God knows, morning after pills and contraception are just another violation of God's will.
If he did, it's not as juicy as the Iraq years.
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