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Words certainly are cheap, aren't they?
You are so stupid you wouldn't know a Marxist if he or she sat on your face.
Yes, because Romney will be whomever you want him to be -- for the moment.
This post is the quintessential fear-soaked reactionary vision of the low information white insulars who see their country changing and feel a threat to their once perceived power. Get used to it. Time moves on, things change, the fifties that you adore and miss so much never existed as you remember them.
So little time, so many people to hate.
I don't think you will find any takers. They want to control women's bodies and don't want to have to pay for the results.
Well, I'm sure you wouldn't make stuff up, so why don't you post the links proving it?
Conservatives are more religious, and mostly tithe. All these surveys do is take IRS data "showing the value of charitable deductions claimed by Americans taxpayers." What the IRS may mean by charitable, and what most people think of as charitable, may not be the same thing. For instance, a local fundamentalist church may spend the bulk of its resources degrading and attacking other faiths, insulting gay people and leading crusades to strip people of their civil liberties. They may never feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or comfort the afflicted. Yet in IRS terms they are a charity no matter how uncharitable they may be.
You don't think that the desire to control reproductive rights are an intrusive govt control of health care?
Angie, you are so soaked with right wing propaganda and platitudes that I suspect you get ripped off by hustlers on a daily basis.
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