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Repeal the 26th Amendment!

rsimpkins Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 6:34 PM
That will require repealing many more amendments, as well are rewriting the body of the original document. You might find it easier to simply move somewhere that doesn't have universal suffrage.

Jimmy Carter was such an abominable president we got Ronald Reagan, tax cuts, a booming economy and the destruction of the Soviet Union.

Two years of Bill Clinton and a Democratic Congress got us the first Republican Congress in half a century, followed by tax cuts, welfare reform and a booming economy –- all of which Clinton now claims credit for.

Obama's disastrous presidency has already produced Republican senators from Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Illinois; New Jersey's wonder-governor Chris Christie; and the largest House majority for Republicans since 1946.

We deserve more. Clinton only threatened to wreck the health care system; Obama...