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My Mom's Advice for America (Part 2)

RSava Wrote: May 14, 2013 8:03 AM
I was taught at an early age, be proud of what you do - even if it is digging ditches to make a living, be proud that you are earning your own way and contributing to society. My parents worked menial jobs at times to provide for us, refusing to accept the free handouts from the government. It taught us to work. And ppnem, just look at how certain organizations teach the kids to beg. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts still do not allow the Scouts to solicit pure donations around me Little League, Pee-Wee football, etc stand in front of stores and hold out containers begging for money. I refuse them all and tell the adults with them to stop raising future liberals. Make them earn their money and teach them that nothing is free, SOMEONE has to earn money to pay for it. Might as well be the child.