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Healthcare and Politics Do Not Mix

rsandersjr Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 5:34 PM
I have no love for this PPACA mess. Still from my view as an employee in a not for profit teaching hospital what I have seen is that before the PPACA came in and promised rainbows and lolipops. Jan Brewer played along and cut AHCCCS rolls thinking the fairy tale would come true. 3 years later our self-payer problem has tripled and we've been stuck with huge bills to install new upgrades to Electronic Record keeping systems and RFID antenae systems as well as redeucation of employees to ensure HIPAA regulations are well understood and complied with. I look at what Jan Brewer did as the last resort of a system shoved down our throat.

Make no mistake about it- the Obama administration’s Medicaid expansion plan at the state level is not about providing healthcare insurance coverage to those who do not currently have it, and it certainly has nothing to do with compassion. It is about control and dependency. It is about expanding the rolls of Americans who rely on government subsidized healthcare. It is about moving forward with the Affordable Care Act which will ultimately touch every American but will be controlled from Washington DC.

The timing of this Medicaid expansion is curious. 33 Governors had decided not to set up the...