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Polls: Young Voters Turn on Obama

rsandersjr Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 1:14 PM
The foolish POTUS forgot to take in the one true nature of most young Americans, they just want a hassle free life. When the reality finally struck Obamaholics that they will have to go through the hassles of signing up and that worst hassle of all, make decisions on the basis of truth or fraud it makes for harshing the mellow to the nth degree.
I believe those countries have citizenship requirements and use peoples incomes to collect taxes for those services. So no it's not free, it's subsidized. What do you think, people just volunteer to do healthcare work out of the goodness of their hearts. When Obamacare eclipses the NHS of the UK as the worlds 5th largest employer just remember that the 30% Obamacare tax coming out of your check is giving you free Health care.
There is no there, .. there. Guesss what there is no culprits in custody either. It's almost like.... it never happened.
I've seen how Government funds go to hiring private sector contractors who hire more individuals to contend with their contract. Then the Government beats their chest and says the economy has improved. How is it improving when taxes are used to create jobs instead of jobs used to pay taxes.
Rep. Barber should be careful, Pima county and large portions of Tucson are being infiltrated by the Mexican population and may eventually over run his district and force a candidate with a Hispanic surname in his place. Rep. Grijalva has it made. Flake and McCain need those hispanic votes.
For me it has now become more a question of how much of my paycheck is covered by tax-generated dollars. If people actually knew the extent of income they are receiving in their paychecks that come from tax-generated sources they may just back up a second and say "oh no. I'm one of them" or better yet "soylent green is people".
So student loan debt has tripled, nice to see they can keep up with the government. When the college loan bubble bursts maybe the government will step in and claim it "too big to fail" and bail them out. What are colleges going to do, foreclose on the student degrees?
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Healthcare and Politics Do Not Mix

rsandersjr Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 5:34 PM
I have no love for this PPACA mess. Still from my view as an employee in a not for profit teaching hospital what I have seen is that before the PPACA came in and promised rainbows and lolipops. Jan Brewer played along and cut AHCCCS rolls thinking the fairy tale would come true. 3 years later our self-payer problem has tripled and we've been stuck with huge bills to install new upgrades to Electronic Record keeping systems and RFID antenae systems as well as redeucation of employees to ensure HIPAA regulations are well understood and complied with. I look at what Jan Brewer did as the last resort of a system shoved down our throat.
Why should Obama's path to Citizenship be any surprise, he's just as undocumented as they are. His mother made him an Indonesian, and Indonesia doesn't fund or recognize dual citizenship. He was basically a foreign exchange student in Hawaii and supposedly qualified for foreign student loans in college. The only thing he's telling these people is to learn English and that's so he doesn't have to do his Obamacare rules for these wanna-be citizens in duplicate.
The part of the quagmire I've seen is the electronic record keeping system all Healthcare entities are required to have in order to perfect the national registry. A system that a Hospital bought in Tucson Az. cost 100 million for the facility and 80 million that the was provided by the Government. The system is known as EPIC. It must be HIPAA reliant and compatible with other systems. There was an open house on the system where they showed how it's bar coding will work.
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