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Leadership: Obama to Play Basketball on Election Day

rrichards Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 5:04 PM
The problem with Marxism is once you have power you dont care about the people who put you in power.......So who is worse The bourgeoisie who employees hundreds if not thousands and who business dealings create even more jobs, or the Politician who uses class warfare and terror tactics to scare society into a false sense of deprivation so he can rule over them while neglecting them. As this has been the case through out history.....

Mr. "Cool" President Obama will spend Election Day playing basketball according to the Washington Post.

The president will observe his most time-honored Election Day ritual.

Former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, who has joined the campaign on its final day to travel with President Obama, said his former boss sent an e-mail to his former personal aide, Reggie Love, to start organizing his regular pickup basketball game in Chicago for Tuesday.

It might be a better idea for Obama to handle the ongoing Hurricane Sandy crisis instead. After all, thousands of...

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