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IF they put DEMONCRATS on the Benghazi COMMITTEE, It will NOT be bi-partisan,the DEMONCRATS will whitewash it,and sweep it under the rug,after all,they take their orders from the lead DEMONCRAT,,stupid harry........
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Competing for the Obama Library

rrice993 Wrote: May 04, 2014 11:33 AM
Heck,obozo hasn't done anything/or said anything worth putting in a presidential library. I think a 3 ring notebook,would hold all of his racist rants,and his golf scores,AND anything worthy of a library,,,(paid for guessed it) THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!
that short ,fat F--K from n.korea,should be in an insame asylum,oh shucks,He is in an insane asylum (north korea) even with obozo minding the store,he (the fat man) should walk softly,cause even with obozo,we carry a BIG STICK,,,,
only an IDIOT,would say,as long as you can show HOW you got the wrong answer,it will be correct,this reminds me of the so called NEW MATH of the 1980 s,more stupid stuff,go back to the way we were taught....
YEAH,why don't you THUG,GANG BANGERS,come to OCALA FLORIDA,us redneck bubbas,are here,waiting for you,be especially watchful of the old white guy,leaning up against a building,with his hand inside a paper bag,hes got about 13 somethings for you punks,,,,,
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Stereotyping Injustice

rrice993 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 9:51 AM
According to holder and obozo,ALL Griggs had to do,was point his finger at the PERP,and yell,,,,"if you move towards me,I will shoot you,with my loaded finger" So,another THUG iN TRAINING,didnt meet graduation requirements.and was failed PERMANENTLY !!!!!!!!!!
JUST press charges against this lerner woman,NODODY would use the 5th amendment,to decline to testify,unless they had something to hide...........
Killing only one baby,(or as the correct crowd calls them,FETUSES) is one too many,try ALL those abortion doctors for MURDER,and CLOSE all abortion clinics.....
QUICK,BAN ALL KNIFES,,thats only fair,after a shooting the cockroaches , come out of the woodwork screaming "ban the guns"
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Jane Fonda, Sex Guru for Teenagers?

rrice993 Wrote: Mar 08, 2014 9:16 AM
I hope that when Hanoi Jane dies,its from a 30 caliber bullet hole in her forehead,the only bad thing,is,I will have to stand in a long line of Vietnam Vets,to PI$$ on her grave,hope you rot in hell Hanoi jane...
Hagel was a specialist 4 th class,when he was in the US Army,This is one grade above the guy that picks up the used condoms and cigarette butts,WTF is this A-- Hole doing as Secretary of defense???did he give a HUGE donation to obamas re-election compaign?? HE talks,and acts like an IDIOT,cutting military is the dumbest idea ive heard from this moron and this administration,BTW,,IM a retired US Army SFC E-7.Viertnam Vet.
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